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How to Cope With the Loss of a Pet


Losing your dog or cat brings an indescribable type of grief. Our pets are with us through the best and the worst parts of our lives. They provide us with unconditional love and fond memories. When it comes down to it, they’re part of our family. While the grief of losing your sweet pet may feel unbearable right now, it’s important to remember that it’s okay to grieve—and that there are solutions to help ease your pain. Think about what your pet would have wanted and grieve at a pace that’s natural for you. These coping solutions might help make your life easier in the meantime.

1.  Know That Grieving Takes Time

Grieving can be a slow process, so treat yourself with kindness and take time to mentally recover if you need it. Stay hopeful with the thought that the day after your pet passes will probably be the worst. If you feel out of sorts for a few weeks, months, or years after your pet passes away, that’s perfectly normal.

Even once you’re mostly recovered, chances are that you’ll still find yourself thinking about your pet every once in a while, especially if something reminds you of them. You’ll never forget your pet and the memories you shared together, but hopefully, you’ll eventually be able to look upon those memories with fondness rather than pain.

2.  Talk with Trusted Friends and Family Members

Your pet was your family member, but some family members and friends may not understand how important he or she was to you. Recognize that grieving is a deeply personal process, but you don’t have to be alone through it. Surround yourself with people who you trust or who have also lost a pet. Share memories with them and ask for advice on the grieving process. Your pet may have been your best friend, but you have other friends and loved ones to support you through this difficult time.

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3.  Express Your Grief

This is a painful loss, and you recognizing it as such is important. It’s okay to cry or scream. It’s also okay to process your grief through conversations with loved ones, journaling, or therapy. If creativity helps you cope, you may want to make a photo album or collection of stories for your favorite pet. Compiling all of your funniest pictures and videos of your pet can also be a great way to start reliving your favorite memories with them. Still, it’s important not to rush the process. If you need time before you’re ready to look at old photos or reminisce, that’s okay, too.

4.  Keep a Memento of Your Pet

Many pet cremation services take imprints of your pet’s paw before helping them cross the Rainbow Bridge. A piece of your pet’s fur can also serve as a memento for days when you’re missing them. You might also want to keep your pet’s leash, collar, or toys in a box or another special place. Nothing will replace your pet, but small items like these can trigger those favorite memories when you’re ready.

5.  Memorialize Your Pet

Art and jewelry can be some of the most beautiful ways to pay homage to your pet. One of the most touching ways to remember your pet is to commission a portrait of them. Watercolor pet portraits look very lifelike and can be a unique representation of your pet to treasure alongside your photos. If your pet was cremated, Eterneva can turn their ashes into a beautiful piece of wearable jewelry. Eterneva only needs a piece of hair or half a cup of ashes to turn your beloved pet into jewelry, so you don’t have to worry about parting with all of the ashes. Eterneva then works to extract carbon from your pet’s ashes to turn him or her into a diamond. The diamonds are carefully inspected by Eterneva and you can even customize the color and shape of the diamond to suit your pet’s personality. You can also choose from a selection of Eterneva’s jewelry to find a piece that you’ll never want to take off.

6.  Spend Time with Your Other Pets

If you have other pets—or know other dogs and cats that you love—petting them and spending time with them may help you cope. After you take some initial time to recover, stick to a daily routine and make sure you and your other pets are exercising and eating right. It’s okay to express your grief, but living your life as normally as possible otherwise is the best way to readjust. Spending time with friends’ pets during the period after your pet’s death may be hard initially, but once you’re ready, visiting with other animals can be therapeutic.

7.  Do Something You Enjoy

While it might be hard to think about anything other than your pet right now, doing something you love can remind you that life is worth living. Exercise, involve yourself in a favorite hobby, or spend time with family members and friends. It’s what your pet would have wanted.