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How To Care for an Electric Bike

How To Care for an Electric Bike

There are many great things that come from having an electric bike—the ability to avoid crowds in a time of pandemic, the choice to go where you want, and simple joyrides and exercise. However, an electric bike comes with some new difficulties. These new challenges are nothing that can’t be overcome. Discover how to care for an electric bike to avoid these problems.

Your Frame

The frame is an important part of any bike, whether electrical or not. The main thing to keep in mind about your frame is to make sure you’re cleaning it regularly. It may seem like a hassle but the dirt and grime on a bike will leave it vulnerable to rust. It can also strip away the paint on the bike. By keeping the frame clean you are extending its lifetime. Another part of the frame that needs care is the chains. Remember to keep your chains clean and lubricated so you don’t have problems on rides.

Your Tires

The tires are an important function of the bike as they carry you throughout your journey. As such, you should keep them well cared for. This involves keeping your tire pressure at the recommended level. This will help prevent flat tires along with providing a smoother ride in general. However, it can become necessary to change your tires if the treads run low or a flat does occur.

Your Battery

The biggest difference in the care of electric bikes compared to regular bikes is the battery. Luckily, these are not too high maintenance. Cleaning your frame should be more than enough to keep the batteries safe from dirt and grime. However, just like it is with phone batteries, you should not leave them out in extreme cold or heat as they will become damaged quite quickly. All you need to do is bring your battery inside on bad weather days.

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Your Brakes

This might seem a bit obvious but caring for your brakes is vital to your safety. Your brakes are extremely important and you need to check them often. The specific places you need to check varies depending on the bike model you own. You should ask the person you are buying from or do the necessary research online. Just know that it’s important to check at least twice a month if not more.

These are the most important ways for how to take care of an electric bike. By following these steps, you’ll be able to use your electric bike without any major problems.