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How To Avoid The Most Common Car Accidents In Miami, Florida


Let’s face it: accidents and injuries happen. You can try to prevent them, but certain events are beyond your control. According to the US Department of Transportation, the number of road deaths countrywide increased to 31,720 in the first nine months of 2021, with Florida ranking third

According to the FLHSMV, between January and May 2022, Miami-Dade County encountered more than 20,500 car accidents causing over 9,200 injuries and 110 fatalities. Car accidents in Miami, FL comprise approximately 16% of the state’s total collisions each year. 

When collisions happen, you may be faced with automobile repairs, injuries, and probable increases in your auto insurance rate, so you should contact a Miami car accident lawyer as soon as possible. 

Here are some of the most common vehicle accidents that occur in Miami, Florida, and how to avoid them.

Parked Car Accidents

A typical source of auto damage happens when a parked automobile is hit by another vehicle. Take precautions to avoid parked automobile crashes and subsequent claims, whether you leave your vehicle in a parking lot or next to the road. 

Here are some weather suggestions to avoid parked car accidents:

  1. Avoid parking your car in congested parking lot areas. Instead, choose a spot away from crowded regions. You’ll be less likely to get hit by another car.
  2. Always park in the center of your parking space and move your car if it’s too close to a parking line. It will protect your vehicle from being struck by other vehicles entering or leaving nearby spaces. This can also protect against dents caused by swinging doors.
  3. Park in a garage if possible. When you’re not driving, the goal is to park your car somewhere secure.
  4. Parking near major junctions, tight curves, and driveways should be avoided. Other motorists may not see your car and may side-swipe it as they pass by.

Single-Vehicle Collisions in Miami-Dade County

Collisions with road obstacles, debris, or animals, as well as rollovers and accidents when driving off-road, are all examples of single-vehicle crashes. It’s not difficult to prevent single-vehicle collisions in the Miami, FL area.

Here are a few tips that may keep you safe:

  1. Drive appropriately for the weather. On a wet, icy, or slippery day, drive at speeds that allow you to keep control, even if you are the only car on the road. Before the season starts, learn how to prevent hydroplaning on flooded roads and brush up on your winter driving abilities.
  2. Always be mindful. It’s not acceptable to text, eat, or make “hands-on” phone calls while driving, even when you’re the only one on the road. You never know when circumstances will change, and distracted driving accidents are common in Miami. 
  3. Do not drive too quickly. For more than two decades, speeding has been involved in around 29% of motor vehicle deaths

Rear-End Collisions

Auto insurance claims are frequently initiated due to rear-end crashes. These incidents may be prevented, whether you are the driver who hits a car in front of you or the motorist who is hit by a vehicle behind you. 

Consider the following suggestions to prevent rear-end collisions in Miami, Florida:

  1. Maintain a safe distance. To stop safely, drive far enough behind the automobile in front of you. This is especially true when the weather is bad. Stay at least three seconds behind the car in front of you, and if you’re in a bigger vehicle, maintain even more distance. When the weather is severe, extend the timing.
  2. Avoid circumstances where you might have to brake unexpectedly. You might get rear-ended if a vehicle follows you too closely or fails to pay attention.
  3. Keep your focus. Don’t eat, read a text message, or look for your phone. Never take your eyes off the road. It takes less than a second for you to rear-end the vehicle ahead of you if they abruptly stop while you’re distracted while driving.
  4. When you’re tired or intoxicated, don’t drive. You’re more prone to make mistakes behind the wheel. 

It’s critical to have the contact information for your Miami car accident attorney available and the proper auto insurance in case the unexpected happens.