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How Much Money Do The Miami Dolphins Generate For Florida?


A sports team isn’t just about playing matches and hopefully winning them. The Miami Dolphins NFL team does a fantastic amount for the Florida economy. It helps bring in revenue for local businesses as tourists flock to their games. That’s why it is so important that fans return to their favorite games next season.

Miami is a city that is full of sport. Whether it be basketball, tennis, baseball or soccer, there are plenty of reasons to pay a visit. It’s their NFL team that brings in the most fans and when that is possible, it puts a massive smile on the faces of all the other businesses in not just Miami but all of Florida.

The Dolphins have had a great deal of success. Five times they have reached the Super Bowl, winning in both 1972 and 1973. Recent years haven’t been so great but after 10 seasons out of 11 not winning more than they lost, the 2020 season saw them end with a 10-6 record. More success will mean more money. If you want to find out more about sites where you can bet on the NFL, some time spent on betting 24 will be very informative.

Ticket sales in the 2019 season reached the $71 million mark. When all other forms of revenue are added, such as merchandise, the 2019 figure totaled $461 million. No wonder the lack of fans in 2020 was such bad news.

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Even more money will be earned when they are next chosen to host the Super Bowl. Tampa Bay did that this year and over $500 million in revenue was earned with nearly half again spent by tourists. Miami Dolphins last hosted the Super Bowl in 2009.

Hosting Super Bowl LIV was great news for Miami and the state of Florida. Tourists didn’t just go to the American Football game and then go home. On average they spent three days in Miami, heading to Miami Beach and booking rooms at the hotels that had put their prices up especially for the weekend.

It’s estimated the average fan spent around $1,781 a day with the many members of the media spending around $2,154 a day. The revenue that is earned is good news for the state as it raises a massive amount in taxes and that can help provide better services in the state.

It’s not known when Miami will next host a Super Bowl. However, the eight NFL matches they host each year can bring in large amounts of revenue. “Can” is the operative word though with the ongoing pandemic.

The Miami Dolphins played their home matches behind closed doors in the 2020 season. It’s not known yet whether that will also be the case in the upcoming 2021 season. For the finances of a team that pays millions in wages, gate revenue is needed. It’s also important for Miami and the state of Florida that again the fans head to the city and start spending all those dollars again.