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How Much Do PTZ Cameras Cost?

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PTZ cameras are great for security, live streaming and even corporate meetings. The quality and ease of use make them a valuable asset, but if you’re like anyone else, you have a budget to consider. Before you start comparing your options, you may be wondering what’s the average PTZ camera price and what factors affect pricing.

There are several factors that can impact the cost of a PTZ camera, but some of the most impactful are:


Lower-cost cameras will typically have lower-quality sensors. Sensors play an essential role in the quality of the footage. Poor-quality ones may have dull colors and more noise than a better-quality sensor. Whether you’re using your camera for security or live streaming, you want a clear, crisp picture. Only a quality 4k PTZ camera can deliver that, and you can expect to pay a higher price for this quality.


PTZ cameras have a zoom function (hence, the “Z” in PTZ). The zoom can be optical, digital or both. Optical zoom is ideal because it’s done through a zoom lens rather than digitally. Although digital zoom has its place, the picture can get really pixelated once you zoom in far enough.

Higher quality and more expensive PTZ cameras have better optical and digital zoom options up to 30X. For example, at 30X zoom, you can read the text in a book from up to 40 feet away.

Cheaper PTZ cameras may only have 10X or 12X zoom, which won’t give you as many options as higher-priced cameras.

Connectivity Options

The cost of a camera can also depend on the connectivity options. Cheaper PTZ cameras may only offer limited possibilities for connectivity, which can make it harder to achieve the goals you have for your camera.

Higher quality PTZ cameras will offer multiple connectivity options, including HDMI, SDI, NDI and more. These extra options come at a higher price, but they are worth every penny. They give you more options when streaming or recording, and you may even be able to use multiple outputs simultaneously.


The technical features of a PTZ camera, like its sensor and zoom, have a significant effect on its cost, but the materials used to build the camera will also affect the price.

Higher quality materials will come at a higher cost, but they will also improve the camera’s durability. The quality of the motors for the pan, zoom and tilt functions will affect the cost, too.

Ultimately, you want a camera that will give you plenty of use. Higher-quality and higher cost cameras will offer this.

How Much Do PTZ Cameras Cost?

Now that you understand the factors that can affect the cost of a PTZ camera, let’s talk about the figures. How much do these cameras really cost? Can you find affordable PTZ cameras that still offer quality streaming and recording?

High-quality PTZ cameras that can record and stream in 4K and have multiple connectivity options can run anywhere from:

  •         $2,300-$2,500

You can find cameras at even higher prices, but unless you have special needs, you likely don’t need that level of features.

Why Do PTZ Cameras Cost So Much?

 There are a few reasons why these cameras have higher price tags and why their costs are justified.

  •         They have quality sensors and zoom functions. Higher-priced PTZ cameras have the same camera sensors you can find on some of the best cameras in the world. They also have optical zoom, which offers a much clearer and better picture than digital zoom.
  •         They have multiple connectivity options. For example, you can connect to multiple outputs simultaneously and have lots of options for streaming/recording.
  •         They’re durable. Quality PTZ cameras are highly durable and will give you plenty of use.

PTZ cameras are an excellent investment if you want to live-stream, record video footage or secure a property. While quality cameras come at a higher cost, they are worth every penny because they offer a better picture and clarity.


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