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How High Heels Affect Your Body


High heels were an ancient invention designed for both men and women. However, as time passed, they came to be identified with women only. And some of these heels have women tottering perilously over at the expense of their health. There’s a new movement though as women realize how their health is affected by their precious stilettos. The Business Insider reports that sales of high heels have suffered by 17%  as more women are ditching their heels. On the other hand, women’s sneaker sales have increased by 37%.

History Of High Heels

High heels date back to 3500 BC where they were depicted on Egyptian murals. They were worn by both men and women for ceremonial purposes. The ancient Greeks and Romans invented the platform shoes called buskins with high wooden cork soles. It was mainly worn by stage actors. By the Middle Ages, they started turning into an aesthetic object for women. Various patterns were created and they could be as high as 30 inches above the ground requiring canes to walk.

In 1590, the French men and women associated it with fashion. This was started by Catherine de Medici and later Mary Tudor. The rest of the populace followed in making it a necessary fashion accessory. Since legs were mostly covered it was all about presenting a smaller foot. Later, as hemlines went up, it became more about elongating the legs. With time men ditched the heels as their shoes became wider and sturdier.

Faith Based Events

Men’s shoes became wider and women’s shoes ended up being higher.

High Heel Statistics

Today 49% of women between the ages of 18-24 wear high heels daily. 42% of women between the ages of 25 and 29 wear them every day while working. 77% of women wear them only for special occasions. High heels do tend to affect your posture and gait. Those four-inch heels come with a price.

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