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How Green Walls Make Air More Breathable

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

In addition to their decorative and aesthetic appeal, many plant enthusiasts and interior designers install green walls in living spaces for their natural air-purifying ability. Not only are they attractive to look at, but they are also good for the environment and can lead to improved respiratory health. By visiting green wall Miami, you can learn more about how a green wall in your home, corporate office, or other building can assist in purifying the air you breathe every day.

Interior green walls can also be found in hotel lobbies, reception areas, meeting rooms, and hallways while providing eco-friendly benefits without taking up floor space. If you want to enhance the appearance of a room with live plants, green walls are a popular choice and are more visually appealing than standard potted plants and require less maintenance.

Green Walls Purify the Air

We know that plants have a natural ability to create oxygen and remove harmful pollutants from the air. Especially in urban environments, where there might not be any plants, the presence of green walls can help improve air quality. Recent studies identify that plants absorb roughly 25 percent of carbon emissions made by human activity. With a large green wall, you can enhance the appearance of your living space and, at the same time, have toxins in the air filtered out.

When it comes to both function and aesthetic appeal, green walls are why businesses and homeowners are adopting these vertical gardens. This green infrastructure has significant potential to improve air quality, filtering toxins, gasses, aerosols, and particulate matter.

Regardless of how advanced the air filtration system is in your home or your office, it does not have the ability to create oxygen, but a green wall does. Oxygen is a vital element of clean and healthy air, and green walls are a perfect solution.

A Natural Air Filter and Humidifier

Humidifying and filtering the surrounding air results in a more comfortable and healthy living space and green walls accomplish this very well. The living plants in green walls help alleviate the unpleasant symptoms that come with breathing in dry air constantly. By installing a green wall in your living space, you will have a natural way of regulating the humidity of levels. In addition, the vertical gardens can lead to better oxygenation of the body, with fresh oxygen being produced every day. For example, the average indoor plant produces 900 ml of oxygen per day which translates to 27 liters of oxygen per month.

A Plant’s Photosynthesis

All plants absorb and clean pollutants from the air through the process of photosynthesis, where carbon dioxide (CO2) is aborded and oxygen (O2) is released. This is why bringing live plants indoors can improve the quality and health of the surrounding air. Green walls carry practical and aesthetic benefits when designing an indoor “plantscape.” There are also plants that naturally photosynthesize in lower light conditions and are an ideal fit for interior green walls; just make sure to ask your botanist which plants are better suited indoors. As we breathe in oxygen, we also breathe out carbon dioxide, then plants absorb the carbon dioxide in the air to release fresh oxygen in a cyclic process.


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