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How Good Of A Job Do Masks Do At Protecting Against Pathogens?


Wearing masks has become the new norm in most settings. Faces covered by masks have become the physical reminder that the pandemic is still roaming. Besides, the wearing of these masks has transformed into a mandatory practice across workplaces and offices.

The COVID-19 pandemic requires drastic measures to curb the rising cases. One of the most effective measures has been the requirement to wear masks whenever you are in public.

Masks have shown to provide significant protection against the Coronavirus, especially when you observe other health guidelines. This measure has contributed to the prevention of infection and saved lives.

But How Do Masks Really Help Avoid Infection?

Most disease outbreaks and pandemics are caused by airborne pathogens such as the SARZ, Coronavirus, and the flu. Notably, the respiratory droplets released when one speaks, coughs, shouts, or sneezes can lead to infection or transmission of the airborne virus, especially between humans.

Whenever an infected person releases these pathogen-carrying droplets, they could reach your mouth, nose or remain in the air for some time. When these pathogens contact your mucosal tissue, such as the eyes, mouth, or nose, you will likely be infected.

Besides, you can be infected indirectly when you touch surfaces with these droplets, hence the importance of washing your hands regularly. Note that the pathogen spreading the airborne disease could occur over greater distances as they are easily carried through the air, meaning that they can spread several meters away.

Therefore, you need to take precautions against airborne disease to prevent infection or death. The preventive measures include washing hands regularly, avoiding congregations, improving personal hygiene, and coughing into your elbow or tissue.

Wearing a mask is the surest way to keep your mouth and nose covered from airborne pathogens. Reach out to sourceortho.net to buy online face mask to protect yourself and your family.

The Different Types of Masks

The surgical masks are the most popular and cover the nose and the mouth and effectively filter large droplets. They are light blue or white in color and flat, requiring you to bend them according to your face and the nose. The masks are lighter than other masks and may not offer full protection since they do not fit tightly.

On the contrary, the respiratory masks fit tightly onto your face, with some having adjustable filters. The Kn95 mask, for example, filters at least 95% of all the particles larger than 0.3 microns. The Kn95 is considered the gold standard of masks as they offer ultimate protection and fit tightly around your face.

Find Kn95 Masks For Sale

You may need some training to understand how to wear and remove your mask safely. The fitting should be very tight to limit air leakages around the face. Most of the information you will need is available online, with tutorials on how the mask fits best. There are various kn95 masks for sale online, and you can make your order at any time.


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