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How Fashion Nova Kids’ Line Has Increased The Brand’s Visibility

Fashion Nova is a fast-fashion brand that has surpassed everyone’s expectations in the past few years. In just seven years after it launched online, it has expanded from having thousands of followers to over 20 million followers ranging from teenagers to adults. Many have wondered how the company was able to achieve this feat.

In 2006 when the company first launched, it was just a store in a mall in Los Angeles that sold clubwear to women. The CEO, Richard Saghian, having experienced how to run a retail store from his father’s company, took the time to listen to his customers and know what they wanted from the brand.

So, when he discovered that other people were selling online, he changed his goal from building 100 brick-and-mortar stores across the United States to establishing a large online business. And just less than a decade later, everyone knew Fashion Nova as an Instagram brand, with millions of followers on all its Instagram pages.

Fashion Nova has always tried to help people in different markets. First, the company started by producing clothes for curvy and plus-sized women. This is not something you’ll regularly see with other fast-fashion brands. They only focus on ladies with the model-figure, leaving a widely untapped audience for whom Fashion Nova could serve.

While manufacturing new clothes for all women, Fashion Nova also decided to go into creating a men’s line in 2018. They were able to reach another huge audience. Husbands and wives could now get affordable clothes.

Another two years later, in 2020, Fashion Nova created a kids’ line. They also wanted the children to experience the joys of wearing trending clothes, and the entire family could now shop on a small budget.

The Kids’ line got so many people excited upon its release. People took screenshots of clothes they would like to shop for on the Fashion Nova website and dropped several positive comments under each post. Here’s why more people were likely to shop Fashion Nova after they released the kids’ line:

  1. Novelty

One of the good things about Fashion Nova is that they are testing waters that many fast-fashion brands haven’t gone into yet. Some people haven’t found major reasons to shop with Fashion Nova yet. They have enough clothes in their wardrobes and are not looking to change them anytime soon.

Moreover, during the coronavirus pandemic, more people are staying at home and not wearing these clothes.

But, even though the fathers and mothers are not shopping for clothes, they have to get them for their kids.

Why? Kids are constantly growing. They outgrow the clothes in their wardrobes in a short time and have to get new ones in only a few months to years. By staying with the trends, Fashion Nova provides a good option for parents to try. Also, just like the other lines for men and women and other products the company sells, the Fashion Nova Kids’ Line pieces are very affordable. they released the Kids’ Line.

  1. Variety

Not all children like to wear the same things. While there is a general way we expect children’s clothes to look, they all don’t wear the same things. Just like adults, many children have style and prefer some types of clothes over others.

Fashion Nova makes it much easier for parents to shop for the clothes their children like by putting different options on the table. The collection includes matching sets, one-piece, tops, denim, bottoms, and almost everything children love to wear.

The Fashion Nova Kids’ collection for the girls launched in late September 2020, and various families have taken to Instagram to show pictures of themselves and their children. The boys’ collection was launched in December 2020. The boys can now start to dress like their fathers and enjoy wearing trending pieces.

Fashion Nova has always found new ways to be inclusive. Eventually, they’ll be making clothes for people of all categories and helping everyone to shop affordable products easily from the comfort of their homes.



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