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How Do I Choose a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer?


Being charged with a crime is not something that anybody expects. If this has happened to you, you may feel scared and alone, not knowing how to proceed and how to find the best criminal defense attorney to represent you during this trying time.

Stroleny Law, P.A. recommends that you take the time to find a lawyer that will be responsive to your needs and knowledgeable about the aspects of the law that impact your case. Let’s see how you can look for the ideal criminal defense attorney. After all, this decision can affect your future and your life.

Look For Someone That Responds Quickly

If you are facing charges for aggravated assault, burglary, drug-related crimes, or any other criminal activity, you have no time to waste. You need an attorney that responds quickly to your inquiry so that they can start building a strong defense on your behalf right away. An attorney that is too busy may not have the time to devote to your case.

Verify Their Area of Expertise

Not all attorneys specialize in the same aspects of the law. You may find a legal firm that includes criminal defense in a long list of practice areas and may have only dealt with criminal cases occasionally. When you are considering hiring a lawyer, verify that their area of expertise is the one you are looking for and ask them if they have experience working on federal or state cases, depending on the court system that charged you.

Talk Openly About the Cost

You may prefer having a public defender assigned to you rather than spending your hard-earned money on attorney’s fees. However, it is important to point out that you may get an inexperienced public defender that has to deal with a heavy workload and cannot dedicate enough time to understanding your case and finding the best way to defend you.

Ask for References

You may get a consultation with a charismatic criminal defense attorney and feel that they resonated positively with you. However, it is much more productive for you to look for a lawyer with skill and compassion than one with just charisma.

Take the time to do a thorough online search on the potential attorneys you are considering. Check your state’s bar to see whether they have any formal disciplinary actions on their record. Ask them to provide references from prior clients and see what these people have to say about how this attorney works and the results they deliver.

Be Careful When You Choose

If the lawyer you are thinking of hiring is making promises and guaranteeing your success, be wary. If they make you sign a contract, read it thoroughly before signing anything. Honesty in a defense attorney should be a priority. Take advantage of the initial consultation to ask questions and clear up all of your concerns.

If their answers seem vague or they are quick to dismiss you, look for someone else. After all, you may be feeling vulnerable at this time and need to work with someone who cares about you and your case. If necessary, meet with several criminal defense attorneys until you can secure the best representation.