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How Can Independent Pharmacies Improve Their Home Delivery Services?


Demand is on the rise for home delivery of prescribed medications. More patients than ever before are looking for the convenience of getting their medicines sent to their homes rather than having to head out to their pharmacy to obtain them, and while it’s great news for patients that this is becoming increasingly possible – especially for those who have limited mobility or who struggle to get out and about – it isn’t always such good news for independent pharmacies and that’s something that concerns Kunal Vyas, the co-founder, and CEO of RxMile.

Recent studies have shown that management of home medicine deliveries can take as many as 13 hours of the staff of independent pharmacies’ time – time that could be far better spent in dealing with patients’ healthcare needs.

With this in mind, how can independent pharmacies improve the home delivery services that they offer their patients? That’s a question that Kunal Vyas was keen to answer by establishing RxMile.

Using Customized Software and Technology Gives Prescription Home Delivery Services A Boost

Independent pharmacies face numerous challenges these days when it comes to competing with the major national chains. Delivering prescriptions to patients’ homes is one clear way in which independent pharmacies can try to stay in line with the services offered by the big-name chains, but while this is widely acknowledged, some are still choosing not to offer a home delivery service due to worries about the high cost to their business, or the negative impact it would have on their staff members’ time.

Nevertheless, it’s still possible for independent pharmacists to remain competitive in terms of prescription home deliveries thanks to the latest software and technology that can be customized to meet their unique needs.

RxMile’s innovative software manages the logistics of pharmacy deliveries, enhancing customer service provision and, thus, improving the patients’ experience. As a result, implementing this cutting-edge solution can make a significant difference to the competitiveness of even the smallest community pharmacy.

Offering Real-Time Tracking for Effective Monitoring

Most pharmacies today are choosing to employ delivery drivers themselves, but a significant number are still relying on their existing staff members to carry out prescription deliveries to patients.

Some of those staff members are having to use taxis in order to perform this service, so it isn’t too surprising that many of them are worried about some of the medication accidentally going missing while being delivered.

These concerns are only exacerbated by the fact that many pharmacies are still relying solely on the verbal confirmation or paperwork to monitor their prescription deliveries and obtain proof of those deliveries. It’s clear, then, that having a better monitoring system couldn’t be more essential, and this is something that RxMile’s software can assist with thanks to its inbuilt live delivery tracking notifications.

Kunal Vyas was determined that the RxMile transparent portal would not only show the precise GPS location of the driver at all times during the delivery process but also enable all parties to see the exact location of their package at every step of the way. Drivers can also be easily held accountable through receipt of a delivery image snapshot when the package is received.

An Affordable Driver Placement Program

Although some independent pharmacies are using their own drivers to ensure cost-effectiveness, compliance, and greater control over their medication deliveries, not all pharmacies can manage this.

RxMile can assist again, by offering a driver placement program that provides fully qualified drivers to deliver prescriptions to patients at a more affordable price than using a standard courier while meeting all compliance requirements.

This is just one more way in which Kunal Vyas and RxMile are striving to even the playing field so that independent pharmacies can continue to provide the highly personal level of service to their communities that patients deserve.