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Hot, Humid, Stormy Through the Weekend

Friday will be more of the same, hot, humid, stormy weather.  Winds coming in from the ocean due the Bermuda high, will disperse the moisture over the Peninsula. This will aid in the formation of thunderstorms. Be ready for a downpour at any time. The rain will travel from the ocean to the Gulf.

This means hot and humid but rain-free weather in the morning, along the Gulf Coast before the east and southeast winds meet up with the sea breeze after lunch and kick off some scattered p.m. thunderstorms.

Look for more of the same weather through the weekend.

For the first time this season we are looking at two vigorous waves in the Atlantic Basin. Fortunately they are being impacted on the northern sector, by dry air from the Saharan Dust being flung off Africa.  No worries for growth, but they can drop plenty of rain.

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Weather data from WSVN 7 News Miami and NBC-2 Ft. Myers