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HoneyBaked Ham Originated in Harry J. Hoenselaar’s Basement (Video)


National Glazed Spiral Ham Day is a food holiday observed annually on April 15.   This gourmet looking dish often found at a holiday feast, originated in the basement of Harry J. Hoenselaar.

  • In 1952, the Detroit, Michigan entrepreneur patented not only his spiral slicer but the ham glaze as well.  His innovative device made it possible for the entire bone-in ham to be sliced in one continuous and even spiral.  The result was not only perfect for baking and serving.  It was also a beautifully rendered main course.
  • Then in 1957, Hoenselaar founded HoneyBaked Ham.
  • Harry J. Hoenselaar opened his first HoneyBaked Ham outpost in 1957, after buying the HoneyBaked Ham Company from his former employer’s widow for $500. Hoenselaar had to remortgage his house to make the payment, but he was able to open the doors of his store just months later.
  • The brand boasts about its unmatched quality, and for good reason: All of the ones that make it to the stores have to pass a 16-point inspection — which only one out of every ten hams clear
  • The Hormel Company of Austin, Minnesota sold the first canned ham in 1926.
  • Mainz ham is a German ham that is brined, soaked in brandy or wine lees (or a mixture of both) and then smoked for a long period.
  • A country ham is much drier than injected-cured hams and has a sharper flavored due to its high salt content.
  • A pig scratches himself with his right leg, which uses the muscles more often, so the meat will be tougher.  Aim for the left leg if you can.
  • On the Apollo 13 mission, the crew managed to create a functioning CO2 filter out of duct tape and glazed ham.
  • Chicago artist Dwight Kalb made a statue of Madonna from 180 pounds of ham.


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