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Himalayan Salt lamps: Misunderstandings and Health Risks

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Himalayan Salt Lamps are not exactly new by any stretch of the imagination.  Also, contrary to somewhat popular belief, these little lamps are actually beneficial for many people.

Yet, the big question that has been looming is “whether salt lamps are dangerous and any health risks?”

Let us start with saying, they are not. Quite simply, they do not bring any health risks for any sole on the planet.

What Is a Health Hazard?

By definition, health hazards would be any dangerous substance or thing that can cause bodily injury or disease in the short or long term for any person or living being near or around it. When you apply that to dear old Himalayan Salt Lamps, electricity comes to mind.

In actual fact, no amount of salt (coming from a salt lamp that is) can be a risk or hazard. It is simply so salty that any living creature will give up on it only after a few licks.

What Does a Salt Lamp Do?

From the outset, a salt lamp is nothing more than a large piece of salt with a light bulb glowing inside of it. What is a light bulk doing in a piece of rock salt you ask?

Natural Salt Lamps made from Himalayan salt have chunks of unprocessed salt for them. This salt is supposed to make the air salty by releasing salt gas type content into the air when heat works on it.

This heat is collected from the lightbulb that is inside the lamp. It cleanses the air free from any dust or allergic particles. It releases negatively charged ions that fix themselves on positively charged ones like dust and many other particles. You will most likely get a dustier room to clean if you consider that a risk.

Halotherapy with Himalayan Salt Lamps

One of the major benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps is their ability to offer halotherapy. Therapists have large artificial salt caves built for just this. In those environments, you only spend a few hours to get cleansed air into your system. This effect is replicated with salt lamps in a room as well.

These Natural Salt Lamps under the effect of heat from lightbulb produce similar environments that you’d find in a salt cave. Also, in the actual salt mines of Himalaya, people have been using this halotherapy technique for centuries. Take the example of a beach day as well. We sleep so tight after a beach day right! That’s because of the salty air we breath for a long time of the day.

This might not have been proven scientifically yet but there are no risks or hazards with it as well. No matter which microscope you put Himalayan salt under, its therapeutic effects do not show any risks for living beings at all.

Health Risk for Children or Pets (or is it?)

Another common misunderstanding or misconception around salt lamps is that they are hazardous for kids and pets.

However, in all actuality, Himalayan Salt Lamps are made from unprocessed rocks of salt. This is so bitter and salty in taste that a living person or a pet will not attempt to eat it no matter what.

When you think about it, plain unprocessed salt brings no risks at all. It is actually even safer than processes salt that we all love and use. Although, by no means we recommend you sprinkling this salt on any of your meals too.

Ions Released by Natural Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps are known for their ability to release negatively charged ions. These ions attach themselves to any dust or other particles inside your rooms. This way, they end up cleaning the air by a great deal providing much cleaner air to breathe.

  • Asthmatic patients have reported having to use their inhalers much less when keeping a salt lamp in rooms
  • It eases many skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and dry skin by removing dust from the air in your room
  • Helps insomnia patients sleep much better by providing cleansed air at all times
  • Keeps a happy mood while providing an easy on the eye dim orange hue