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Here’s What to Look for in a Time Clock Software


When you run a business, tracking your employees’ working hours is crucial. Whether you run a small business with 2-4 employees or a huge company with more than 50 employees, tracking employee attendance is essential.

Using time clock software can help you handle this task in an organized and comfortable way. The software allows you to manage and track your employees while giving you access to real-time reporting. If you’re wondering how to choose the right software for your business, here’s how.

What to Look for in Time Clock Software

Extensive Reports

Selecting a program that permits you to access different reporting choices is vital. While you need precise time tracking, if you can’t understand the data via reporting options, the information would be pointless. Therefore, you must opt for additional reports; numerous solutions provide extra details, for instance, attendance reports and customizable options.

You’ll find solutions that offer tracking insights as well as a payroll record for billing clients, tracking various projects, and examining periodical performance.


Most tracking software comprises smartphone and desktop apps, which implies that you can run them on both devices. Some however come with their device for particular functions. For instance, some solutions for construction employees feature a tiny beeper-like tool that requires a mere click for recording sign-in time and another click to indicate sign-out.

If there’s an instant task that needs handling, the device will vibrate and alert a worker of a message. Therefore, you must choose a solution that meets your company’s unique needs and working style.


The interface is a significant factor to consider when purchasing the appropriate business software. You wouldn’t want a cluttered interface without any rhyme; it would only be counter-productive. You should choose an organized program that features essential functions, allowing you and your staff members to learn and navigate it easily.

You must equally ensure that the software permits easy installation and offers more options depending on your personalized settings. The minute you choose the best program, you’ll keep things organized effortlessly.

Flexible Scheduling Choices 

Another major aspect to consider when choosing your business’s tracking software is the capacity to maximize your time while ensuring your workers are working proficiently. To achieve this, flexible worker scheduling is necessary.

Flexible scheduling will help you manage and deploy employees easily. This way, you’ll always have workers when necessary. A flexible option will further make it easy to manage workers on various shifts at various sites, and in varied job categories.

You’ll also match your workers’ skills to the job prerequisites, so you’ll constantly have proper staffing. You’ll want a program that can alert you when your schedule is understaffed or needs over time; this will help you operate within your budget.

Complete Attendance and Time Tracking

You should select a system that provides comprehensive tracking. Look for a tracking element that works in real-time, so you can recognize what’s occurring in your workplace. This feature will inform you when an employee is late or absent.

You’ll also identify the areas that require more coverage and who’s forgotten to clock out or in. It’s worth noting that comprehensive tracking elements are flexible and easy to set up. Moreover, you can configure it to suit your needs.

Data Collection Prerequisites

Identifying how you want data collection to take place and the data that needs management is crucial when selecting the best time clock software. Although you want software that can collect personnel punch times, a sound system should enable you to do more.

For instance, it could record gratuities and tips, permit employees to take time off, and record time spent on particular jobs. Businesses have varying payroll prerequisites, so you should make sure the system you choose can meet your business’s needs.

It Should Provide Accurate Timing

A precise means of recording employee attendance and time will help increase your profits. Remember, the best attendance software and apps ensure you pay precisely what you owe your workers, no less no more. While you should think the best about your workers, they aren’t perfect and an employee could easily alter a paper timesheet.

It should Offer Real-time Alerts 

The software you choose should feature proactive alerts. Real-time alerts will inform you when workers are on the verge of violating labor laws, including overtime and break notifications. Be proactive when it comes to issues such as labour laws so you can save money and allow you to manage particular roles better in the future.

If you’re in the market for the right attendance software system, but don’t know where to start, this guide offers the factors to consider in your search.