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Here’s all You Need to Know about Junk Removal Processes and Options


If you’re set to clear out your home, office, garage or attic and you need the services of a junk hauler, take a second to read this post before you get started. There are some things you need to know before you call in the junk hauler. Here are some of them.

Understand how Junk Hauling differs from Dumpster Rental

To avoid confusion, you should know how to tell these apart. Junk hauling companies will bring their containers to your home or office, fill them with your junk and take them away.

On the other hand, dumpster rental companies will simply rent their dumpsters for a timeframe within which you’ll fill them up and then call them to take them away. Junk removal services are immediate while dumpster rental gives you more time to slowly put things together.

Be sure of the kind of junk you are removing

Although junk haulers accept a wide range of items, you should confirm from them, especially if you have some uncommon items. The usual acceptable items include appliances, furniture, and mattresses, trash and yard waste removal, electronics, etc. Note that the heavier the items, the more you’ll pay.

Explore possibilities of free junk removal

You can explore some situations and conditions where you can remove your junk without paying.

For instance, having someone who needs it come around to pick it up.

  1. You can get a charitable organization to pick up your goods, furniture, and other appliances for free if they can use and distribute them. Two organizations that can do this are Goodwill and Salvation Army.
  2. For yard waste, you can contact a trash removal company to pick up your trash and dispose of it if it’s properly packed. They can sometimes do this for free, especially in the fall. Recreational parks do this sometimes to get mulch for their gardens and trails.
  3. You can also advertise some of your items that can still be reused on platforms like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Freecycle.org, etc. Let people know that they can only get the items for free if they come to pick them up.
  4. Some cities also have bulk trash days when you can take out items you don’t need anymore and they’ll be picked up by trash collectors or even someone who needs them.

Tips for Junk Removal 

If you don’t want to go through all the stress of junk removal alone, you can get a professional junk hauler to do it for you. If that’s the case, here are some things to confirm.

  1. Find out how the hauling company will haul your junk, how large their hauling vehicles are, and whether or not their containers need permits
  2. Confirm what items they will and won’t take. While there are generally acceptable items, some companies reject some junk while some others accept them.

Most companies won’t accept chemicals and toxic waste. They’ll also reject open paint cans or buckets and asbestos or materials containing them. Tires, tanks, and oil drums are also mostly rejected.