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Health Considerations Before Purchasing a Property


When purchasing a new house, your primary considerations are the cost and practicality of the property. You want a home that has everything you need at a price you can afford. Apart from these aspects, you also need to consider if the place is healthy enough for you and your family.

You want a property that will not endanger your health or anyone in your family. You can ask for help from estate agents Chelmsford if you want the best advice on how to choose a property.

Check properties nearby 

You need to identify if the properties nearby have people residing inside. You want to live next to a well-maintained property. Some houses are next to an empty lot, or worse, a garbage site. You do not want to live next to these areas since you will most likely get ill.

You also need to check the garbage collection process in the neighborhood. If you see garbage bins all over the place, it is a sign that no one takes care of the trash. You might also see waste materials on the street. It shows that you live next to a neighborhood that does not care about their environment at all. Skip that area and find a new place.

Knock on the walls 

You will know if the house has problems by knocking on the walls. You might see the materials starting to fall apart or produce a pungent smell. It could be due to pest related issues. You do not want to live in a house with termites, rats, ants and other insects. Even if you can exterminate them; those problems might still come back in the future.

Notice the smell 

Some houses might have poisonous gases. You could end up getting intoxicated in such a house. Perhaps, it is the reason why the owner decided to sell it. Again, you can deal with this problem, but it will cost you a lot. You should instead look for another option rather than worry about getting poisoned inside your new home. You can ask the owner about the funny smell. If you cannot get a clear explanation, you can request an expert to come over.

Commercial businesses nearby 

You want your house to be near the key areas in the city, but you also do not want to be too close. For instance, there might be factories nearby. You might end up smelling the polluted air emitted from those places. You might also find it difficult to sleep because of the machines working overnight. You also need to avoid houses near the main streets since you will hear cars passing by even in the middle of the night and it will keep you awake.



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