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Guide In The Class Of Warrior With The Specialization Of The Fury In The World Of Warcraft Dragonfly

"World of Warcraft" by wunir is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Warriors are one of the most common classes in the game segment, especially among beginners. The reason for the popularity is simple – often it is pumped-up, cool-looking fighters with steel weapons, which destroy the hordes of enemies in a contact battle.

The warrior class can hardly be called a simple hero, but he does not have so many complex and ambiguous mechanics and dangers like magicians, archers and other more complex professions.

The warrior is much easier to manage, has skills for rapprochement with the goal and does not suffer so much from mistakes on the battlefield as a magician and archer.

To understand the intricacies of the game and development of the Warrior, you can go one of three ways.

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  1. Play based on the concepts of training, which is offered by the Universe of the World of Warcraft for beginners. Plus this format is the rapid understanding of the basic concepts of development in the Second World War and getting acquainted with the first skills, quests and primary equipment and weapons.
  2. Play, based on guides. This is a more conscious approach to mastering the game since you abandon the concept of an intuitive game in favor of game experience from gamers who have passed the path of your character and ready to share this knowledge in the leadership.
  3. Turn for help to specialized services. These are professional sites that have experienced players for coaching and boosting their staff can supply gaming gold in any quantity and find an item that can be transferred from the player to the player. Such a service is Skycoach – it gives guarantees for all types of its services and will return the money in case of disputed situations.

General information about the Class of Warrior and the specialization of Fury for the World of Warcraft

Fury is a specialization that depends on the rollbacks of the main skills that disperse damage. The character is included in the voyage of rage and crumbles his enemies with strong physical damage. It is important to provide him with a high speed and allow the enemy to fully beat the entire cycle of action of skills to increase damage.

Great class for raids and any kind of pumping. In the PVP, it has the power in the form of an opportunity to give out great damage in a certain period of time and kill almost any class in direct contact, but if the enemy survives the rooting skill in any way, then it will be much more difficult to win, and you will already need to wait for the resumption of limit damage.

What has changed with Fury’s warrior in the renewal of Dragonflight

Each update somehow affects any game class, and Fury Warrior is no exception. Method changes allow developers to adjust the balance and make each class appropriate and effective in all stages of the game.

The new Dragonflight update brought to the World of Warcraft many changes, and the most vivid ones became the ability to combine their builds and combine them among themselves for experiments and the achievement of previously unprecedented combinations of skills and talents.

Thus, thanks to the experiments, two main builds were highlighted by the players, which will bring the greatest efficiency in the new update.

  1. It remained from the renewal of Shadowlands and is built on the skills that cause mass damage and change the pumping format – the character attacks many opponents, collects them in one place and destroys AoE with attacks.
  2. The format implies the rejection of the majority of AoE in favor of strong single damage on the target but with the ability to use limits – skills that significantly increase the strength and speed of attack for a certain period of time.

There is another third option – a combined build that will retain AoE, but will sacrifice part of the damage from limits.

What characteristics will be a priority for Fury Warrior and why

Each game class has its own characteristics that significantly enhance the combat potential of the class, and it is worth investing in them if possible. This can be done using good-quality equipment, potions, weapons, buffs, food and other intro-game moments.

  • Force
  • Speed
  • Skill
  • Critical hit
  • Universality


Strength is one of the three fundamental attributes that give a significant strengthening to all owners of this main attribute during development.

Strength is responsible for the indicator of physical attack, health, and resistance to negative effects.

Often, power is obtained by strengthening its equipment. All armor of good quality has bonuses to power indicators.


The speed for all classes that fight in a contact battle is the most important parameter. You need to constantly get closer in order to apply damage and let you not be introduced to deceit skills for a quick jump to the target – if you receive many skills of slowing down, then any speed will come in handy.


Skills and skillful control depend on the parameter of skill. Since part of Fury Warrior depends on the attacking skills, and not just on the limits, the parameter will be extremely important.

Buildability allows your skills to work in your best way – to have an increased use time, the strength and the chance of a critical blow.

Limits with an extended effect will create a huge number of problems for your enemies.

Critical Hit

Regardless of the choice of your build towards attacks or with the help of when you are using the physical damage under limits – it is extremely important for you to have a high parameter of a critical attack chance.

A critical attack is a potential to inflict double damage and if this parameter is high, then you can add twice as much damage during the use of limits.


Universality is a gradual increase in the parameters of the attack and protection of your hero from the first level.

Since Fury Warrior has a high attack and good defense, this parameter will not play a key role but will be able to add more damage during the use of limits and increase the protection in the PVP against quick long-range opponents.