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Great Sensory Games for Kids To Play at the Park


Children’s minds act like sponges; they absorb their surroundings fast and interpret each lesson learned. One area that children end up exploring and discovering through their adolescent years is sensory play. Sensory play implements the five senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing, and taste. Implement these fun activities in our list of great sensory games for kids to play at the park to enhance your child’s learning.

Follow the Leader: Using Sight and Touch

Follow the leader, a simple, fun game that brings in every child of every ability, consists of standing in a straight line and copying the leader. Then, as the leader walks around the park, the followers march right behind and copy the leader’s movements.

When copying movements, children learn sight and touch. Using sight helps a child learn about what’s in front of them and how to interpret the action. For example, watching someone tap their head or sit down can teach a child to learn to copy the other. Likewise, when exploring touch, a child learns more about the movement of their bodies and how a surface feels.

Hide and Seek: Using Hearing

Hide and seek is another fun game where one player volunteers to count to 10 and the others hide. Once the seeker reaches 10, they uncover their eyes and walk around the area to find other players. This game does a lot of exploring with hearing. For example, when playing this game, a hiding player might make a noise to give the seeker a hint about where they’re hiding.

The hearing sense is developed when the seeker hears a noise, thus having them stop and concentrate on which direction the noise travels. Right after the child finds the noise source, they can better tell where noise travels.

Picnic-Inspired Scavenger Hunt: Smell and Taste

Are you considering another avenue to get your children excited to go to the park? Then a picnic-inspired scavenger hunt is something to implement into your trip. When creating a list of fun riddles, consider relating them to grocery store items.

During the grocery store trip, have your children use their smell to find particular items, such as bakery goods, different fruit, and even desserts. Afterward, go to the park and read more hints off to the children. For example, use a riddle like, “A fun place surrounded by a garden and plenty of room to play.” During your picnic, your child becomes engrossed in the different flavors and smells of the items they found at the store.

Children learn fast, and it’s essential to implement sensory play while at the park to help encourage growth in their learning journey. So as you prepare for a fun year full of ways to explore senses, our list of great sensory games for kids to play at the park can help prepare you for a lifelong journey of teaching and learning.