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The Great ‘Internet’ Debate – Peeps Or Pineapple On Your Pizza? (Video)

The Tweet by Austin Braun that started it all (Twitter)

Don’t make that face, we’re just telling it like it is. The latest debate on the internet involves a twitter post by Austin Braun who reacted to another twitter post about Pineapple on pizza.

Since Brauns Sunday tweet, the internet has gone nuts.  Here’s some of the online coverage on “Peepza,” I’ll spare you the gooey twitter back and forths, but let us know your thoughts….Peeps or Pineapple?

CNET posted: Peeps, not pineapple, on pizza is the real issue

In February, the internet got involved in a food spat over whether it’s appropriate or desirable to use pineapple as a pizza topping. That controversy now pales in comparison to the newest battle over pizza toppings. It involves Peeps, the sugary, colorful marshmallow birds usually associated with Easter junk food.

Mashable brought our attention to this highly important culinary issue and the Twitter debate now growing around it.

The Peeps-pizza food abomination/delight seems to trace back to Twitter use Austin Braun, who posted an image of a pizza topped with melted Peeps on Sunday. The pizza appears to be sitting in a delivery box, which leads us to wonder what pizza parlor would keep Peeps on hand as an ingredient option. Maybe we don’t really want to know the answer to that question.

Time.com wrote: Peeps Pizza Is Now a Thing and the Internet Can’t Deal With It

Move over pineapple, there’s a new controversial pizza topping dividing the Internet — and this time, it’s seasonally appropriate.

Just in time for Easter, a troublemaker by the name of Austin Braun debuted a photo on his Twitter account of a cheesy pizza adorned with gooey, melting Peeps — you know, those sugary, technicolored marshmallow candy in the shape of baby chicks that somehow finds their way into Easter baskets and dioramas every year. Alongside the photo, which possibly coincided with April Fools, Braun included the caption, “This > pineapple pizza.”

The Huffington Post posted an opinion piece: I’m Enraged By Peeps On Pizza And You Should Be Too

Stop trying to make Peepza happen. It’s not going to happen.

Twitter user @AustinOnSocial tweeted out the following divisive photograph on Sunday afternoon and I’m shook:

We could go on and on, but you get the idea. Last but not least comes the video report from Buzz60: