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Great Environmental Safety Careers Available in Florida


Environmental safety is a growing field with several exciting job opportunities for those who choose to pursue it. Individuals in Florida — and those intent on moving there to enjoy the good weather and relaxing atmosphere — that find that they enjoy helping others can find an enjoyable and fulfilling career in environmental safety.

Many people are unaware of the field of environmental safety and may confuse it with professionals like lifeguards who provide people with ocean safety.

Environmental safety actually refers to people with a specialized skill set that allows them to ensure that certain environments and practices are safe. Before taking the leap and pursuing a career in the field, it can be helpful to know what environmental health and safety careers to consider.

OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration, commonly referred to as OSHA, is an organization tasked with the goal of ensuring that working conditions are safe in a variety of settings. For those who have worked in job settings that involve dangerous elements, such as construction sites and commercial kitchens, it becomes obvious how impactful an organization like OSHA can be.

If you find that you’re a people person with strong attention to detail, becoming an OSHA compliance assistance specialist in Florida may be the perfect career choice for you. These professionals are tasked with providing guidance to various organizations on safe practices.

In order to qualify for this role, you’ll need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in occupational health and safety or a closely related field.

EHS Consultant

Environmental health and safety consultants commonly referred to as EHS consultants, work to consult companies on how to make work environments safer for employees. In addition to this, they also sometimes are tasked with providing guidance to companies about how they can better adhere to guidelines surrounding environmental regulations.

These professionals may perform audits on companies and provide workers with training sessions. Typically, environmental health and safety consultants work on a contract basis or they are kept on retainer by a company. Those who enjoy meeting new people and have a keen eye for safety can find a fulfilling career as an environmental health and safety consultant.

Air Quality Specialist

Air quality specialists use their specialized knowledge and training to ensure that the air is safe in public spaces for people to breathe. They do this by attempting to protect the environment from having dangerous and harmful pollutants in the air which could cause people to develop illnesses such as some forms of cancer.

If you’re someone who cares about the health of the public and is determined to make a difference, then a job as an air quality specialist may be the perfect fit for you.

Many of these professionals work for government agencies while others, to a lesser degree, work at consulting firms that provide businesses with guidance about complying with environmental regulations. Some of the job duties of air quality specialists include taking samples of air quality and making detailed plans to improve air.

As air pollution has become more of a severe problem for many cities in recent decades, the role of air quality specialists is particularly important in today’s world.

Water Treatment Specialist

Water treatment specialists are professionals whose job is to ensure that the public at large has clean and safe water. Given that pretty much every person needs water on a daily basis, these professionals are extremely important to the health of the entire country. These professionals work in a variety of settings. Some may work for local government agencies while others may work at private companies.

If you’re someone who’s passionate about providing people with safety, becoming a water treatment specialist could allow you to make a significant impact on the lives of many people. Some typical tasks performed by these professionals include testing water supplies for contaminants along with installing a variety of water purification systems to ensure that people have access to clean water.