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Get The Latest English Premier League News at 777score

Gabriel Jesus of Gabriel Fernando de Jesus, commonly known as Gabriel Jesus, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Manchester City and the Brazil national team.

More and more Brazilian athletes play in the English Premier League (EPL), thats why this championship has become much more attractive for fans from our country. Plus, the representatives of Selecao traditionally have the key roles.

In particular, the main fight for the title is unfolding between Manchester City, which includes Gabriel Jesus, and Liverpool, where Roberto Firmino is at the forefront of the attack. Both athletes play an important role in their teams and often appear on the field. Their confrontation is a real pleasure to watch in the current season. It is extremely difficult to make a forecast, but the in-person match confirmed that now the City is a bit stronger than Liverpool, although it is lagging behind the Reds in the standings.

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Who Will Win EPLs Gold This Time?

Predicting the winner is extremely difficult, because both clubs have had their best first season halves in the history of the English Premier League. It is virtually impossible to go through the whole championship without any failures, which is why wed give a slight preference to Manchester City. The current champions, after a not too successful segment in December, seem to have found their game again, which has a positive effect on their results.

Other advantages of manager Pep Guardiolas team include:

  1. Long bench. Due to this, the Spanish coach can carry out quick rotations and occasionally give the leaders time to rest. Plus, even several players will be injured it will not be a problem. Guardiola has repeatedly proved that he is able to achieve good results with almost any lineup.
  2. Teamwork. For a couple of years under Guardiola guidance, the players managed to achieve perfect mutual understanding on the field. Due to this, they need less time to make decisions, which is extremely important in terms of fast combinational football.
  3. Individual skills of the professionals. Here, almost every player can decide the fate of a match virtually singlehandedly.

The English Premier League is now having one of the most interesting seasons over the past few years, and now you can follow its development with us. Visit the website of sports statistics at any time of the day, and you will always get a whole range of necessary information that will help you to understand the various championships around the world even better.