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Get Relief for Tired, Achy Feet


After a long day at work, it’s no wonder your feet are feeling tired and achy. This is especially true if you’re not wearing the right shoes and socks, though it can happen to anyone who’s on their feet all day. Use the tips here to make sure you get relief for your feet, no matter how long of a day you have.

Buy New Shoes

New shoes can make a world of difference, but they have to be the right shoes. This doesn’t mean giving up on fashion – it simply means looking for shoes that provide the right support for your feet. Make sure the shoes are the right size and that they’re replaced as soon as they stop providing the right support. Avoid shoes like high heels when possible and make sure shoes have the right arches or support for your feet.

Get a Massage

Get a foot massage for instant relief, or do it yourself at home at the end of the day. Lotions or oil can help you massage your feet, as can foot rollers and other products designed for DIY feet massages. Whether you choose to have the massage professionally done or to do it yourself, you should feel some relief right away.

Choose the Right Socks

The socks you wear could be causing more issues, and you may not realize it. Make sure the socks worn fit properly, so they don’t leave lines where they end on your leg and replace any socks that are too worn. If you have issues like bunions, look for bunion relief socks that are going to provide relief and keep your feet more comfortable throughout the day.

Use Ice

If your feet are inflamed at the end of the day, ice can help. There are a few ways to apply ice to get relief, depending on what you might prefer or what might be easier for you to do. It’s possible to create a foot bath with ice water or to use a plastic baggie with ice and hold it over your feet. It’s also possible to roll a frozen water bottle with your feet, which can help massage your feet as well.

Soak Your Feet

A foot bath is an easy way to start getting relief. Warm water with Epsom salts can help reduce the swelling in your feet and help to relieve any sore muscles. Any container can be used, but there are products available specifically for soaking your feet at the end of a long day.

If you have achy and tired feet at the end of the day, start by checking your shoes and socks to see if they need to be replaced with something that works better for you. Then, try out the other remedies here to see what’s going to help your feet feel better faster.

All of these provide fast relief, so you can relax at the end of a long day and not have to worry about how painful or achy your feet feel.


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