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General Mills Pulls Betty Crocker Mixes Because Of E. Coli

Betty Crocker
These are two of the three Betty Crocker cake mixes under recall in the U.S. The third is a “Delights” version of the “Rainbow Bit” mix. (Food Safety News)

With an international recall of certain flavors of its Betty Crocker branded cake mixes because of possible E. coli contamination, General Mills Inc. is again warning consumers to not ever eat raw batter or dough.

The Monday cake mix recalls in Canada and the U.S. are the latest in a growing list of secondary recalls related to General Mills flour that is linked to an ongoing 21-state E. coli O121 outbreak that has sickened 42 people since December 2015. General Mills owns the Betty Crocker brand and dozens of other consumer product brands.

Minneapolis-based General Mills distributed the recalled flour nationwide to retailers, restaurants and bulk buyers, including other food producers. General Mills has declined to reveal what food producers received bulk shipments. The Food and Drug Administration is restricted from releasing that information because of laws regarding trade secrets.

By  CORAL BEACHFood Safety Newsexcerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com July 12, 2016