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Galaxy X: Everything We Know About Samsung’s Foldable Phone (Video)


 Samsung unveiled its heavily anticipated foldable phone to developers in San Francisco on Wednesday, urging Android programmers to start writing apps for the product it expects to deliver in the new year. Jane Lanhee Lee reports.

The foldable phone era has officially begun. Samsung introduced the world to its first foldable phone this week, a device rumored to be called the Galaxy X or Galaxy F. This was not a typical announcement with every detail on display as they were for the Galaxy S9 or Note 9 unveiling. Rather, Samsung teased its foldable phone through a short video and by hoisting aloft a working prototype in an executive’s hand on stage.

Although Samsung never displayed the foldable phone up close — not even behind museum glass — the device is plenty real. It’s conceptualized enough to earn Google’s backing. In fact, Samsung’s project seems to have spurred official Android support for all foldable phones, no matter the manufacturer. Meanwhile, Samsung gathered developers in a Wednesday afternoon session to share a few more details, such as the phone’s 4.5 and 7.3-inch screen sizes.

Despite the dribs and drabs of information, the foldable phone’s brief onstage appearance raised more questions than answers. Here’s what we know — and what’s still to come.

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What’s the phone called?

Samsung didn’t give the foldable phone a name, but rumors suggest that it’ll be called the Galaxy X or Galaxy F. The “F” could stand for “fold” or “flex”. The “X” might mean “extra” or “10”, since there are 9 Galaxy S phones out — though we do expect to see a Galaxy S10 around March this year.

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