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Frommer’s Best Places to Go in 2019 

Frommer’s, the most trusted name in travel guidebooks, is proud to reveal its eagerly anticipated list. Determined by a team of award-winning editors and writers around the globe, the 2019 Frommer’s honor roll celebrates destinations reaching major milestones, opening important new attractions, overcoming obstacles, or emerging as overlooked spots due for discovery.

The 19 honorees for 2019 (in no particular order):


Memphis, Tennessee: The birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll is throwing itself a 200th birthday party

Collioure, France: A less snooty, less crowded alternative to the French Riviera

Zimbabwe: A new degree of political stability provides access to Victoria Falls and one of the largest herds of elephants left in Africa

Traveler photo submitted by Ffmaia (Mar 2014)

Parintins, Brazil: Set on an island in the middle of the Amazon River and home to a raucous three-day folk celebration

The Austral Islands of French Polynesia: New airlift makes this idyllic island chain finally affordable

Nagasaki, Japan: A rejuvenated city with new UNESCO World Heritage Sites of formerly secret Christian churches

Parks Canada (Canadian Government)

The Mealy Mountains: A pristine wilderness area the size of Jamaica is part of Canada’s newest national park

Bulgaria: Medieval architecture, Black Sea beaches, and in 2019 Plovdiv celebrates the arts as a European Capital of Culture

All Giza Pyramids (Wikipedia)

Egypt: Coming back from years of political unrest

Uluru, Australia: Sandstone landmark sacred to Aboriginal peoples debuts authentic new tours and an official ban on climbing

Singapore: Celebrating bicentennial and stardom in Crazy Rich Asians


Hollywood, California: Finally getting an important movie museum

Normandy, France: Marking the 75th anniversary of World War II’s D-Day landings

Virginia: An important anniversary and a yearlong cultural program examining the early colony’s impact on today’s America

(Rutas Organizadas en Moto)

Portugal’s Estrada Nacional 2: Portugal’s answer to Route 66

Washington State’s Olympic National Park: A perennially overlooked patch of moss-grown coastal wilderness

Matera, Italy: An ancient city built of caves that will take center stage as a European Capital of Culture

New York State: Opening new attractions and commemorating a slew of important milestones

Space—no, travelers can’t launch into orbit just yet, but Florida’s Space Coast will look back on 50 years since the moon landing, and twin Star Wars lands will debut at Disney parks in California and Orlando

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