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Fort Lauderdale Emerald Society Dips Into Politics With Award To U. S. Rep. Patrick Murphy

Emerald society US Rep Patrick Murphy
US Rep Patrick Murphy

The Emerald Society of Fort Lauderdale is wading into the green swamp of partisan politics.

The usually non-partisan group, which annually holds one of Broward’s most attended and anticipated political breakfasts, this year has named U. S. Senate Democratic candidate Patrick Murphy as Irish Person of the Year.

One problem.

Murphy may be the Irish Person of The Year…for West Palm Beach. He represents a stretch of Florida roughly from West Palm Beach to Fort Pierce.

His connection to Broward is that he once lived here. Oh, and he’ll be on our ballot later this year for Senate.

I guess that is enough for the Emerald Society organizers, which include D’s and R’s.

The event always had non-partisan patina, which may be why so many judges attended. The group has traditionally bent over backwards to pick non-partisan pols or ones that were not currently in high profile races for the award.

Not this year.

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By Buddy Nevins, BrowardBeat.com, for SouthFloridaReporter.com, Feb. 23, 2016 

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