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Forget Louis Vuitton and Hermès, Duchess Meghan and Others Carry This Brand (Video)

(Image: Goyard Official via Instagram)

Stars are going gaga over this best-kept French brand of purses. Even Duchess Meghan carries one. Nathan Rousseau Smith has the scoop.

Louis Vuitton and Hermès who?

These iconic luxury brands may have a well-established prestige, but in the world of the elite, they’ve got nothing on Goyard.

The name of this two-century-old Parisian brand may not ring a bell the way other luxury fashion houses do, but Goyard’s elusiveness is exactly what makes it the ultimate status symbol among the world’s wealthiest people.

Goyard’s prime press strategy is silence. It forgoes any advertising, e-commerce, and celebrity endorsements. It rarely grants interviews and very occasionally makes products available to the mass market.

Turns out, a lips-are-sealed tactic is the best way to build buzz.

“Luxury is a dream, and revealing too much of what goes on behind the scenes would spoil the magic,” a representative for the House of Goyard told Hypebeast last year, adding: “We believe that whispering softly in someone’s ears is not only more elegant, but also much more efficient than screaming at the top of one’s lungs.”

Business Insider, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, May 25, 2018

Video by Buzz60/Nathan Rousseau Smith


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