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Florida Influencer Victoria Barbara Uses Her Platform For Raising Covid-19 Awareness

When asked about opportunities to give back in times of COVID-19 Victoria Barbara, model, and social media influencer had many insights to give on the subject.

Influencers can certainly do their part to show the rest of the world how they’re adapting to the new restrictions that millions of Americans and people of other nations are having to face and make adjustments for. Leading by example is one of the strongest ways to make a difference, which Victoria seems to have a keen awareness of.

I talked with Victoria Barbara, model and fashion industry influencer with over 1 million followers, as I sought out her input about what people can and should do with themselves during this time of self-quarantine in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Victoria said, that “As influencers, it is our responsibility to give back during difficult times. By promoting donating to the local medical community internally and locally, I hope to help raise funds for hospitals that are overwhelmed with the pandemic.”

Victoria also added that “With a lot of young people on spring break and disregarding the importance of self-isolating, I try to lead by example through promoting staying at home and showcasing a variety of activities one can do to keep stimulated.”


During this time of quarantine, everyone has much more free time, which can present opportunities to dwell in negativity or uncertainty. Instead, it’s important to occupy our time with healthy activities.

Victoria gave me her top 3 stay at home activities below.

“The first would be exercise. During such uncertain times, it’s important to keep your body moving to manage stress levels appropriately. I walk my 6 dogs outside, swim in my pool and practice yoga in my backyard.”

Second would beauty and skincare. While I normally go to the salon to get my nails done, I’ve been doing face masks, under-eye patches and DIY pedicures at home.

The third is making healthy meals at home. I start every morning by making fresh juice using greens and fruits. I also try to make at least one plant-based meal per day for the sake of the animals and the planet (global warming).

Victoria is also keeping herself busy during this time by playing with her six dogs, who always keep her engaged and entertained.


Victoria didn’t spend much time on my question about what she binge-watches on TV during this time, instead, letting me know that she’s “Currently tuning into BBC twice a day to keep up with the news. I try not to obsess over the pandemic, so I limit TV to twice a day.”

With influencers like Victoria Barbara opening up to the public about their stay at home rituals, it will give people many ideas about how to weather this COVID-19 pandemic until life gets back to some semblance of normal. Raising COVID-19 awareness is a great way for influencers to give back through their platforms.

Boris Dzhingarov

Author Bio: Boris Dzhingarov graduated UNWE with major Marketing. He is the founder of ESBO ltd leading online marketing agency.