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Florida Deputy Gets Held Up in Traffic By Tortoise on a Very Slow Stroll (Video)


Even though the tortoise beats the hare in the classic story, the slow and steady approach didn’t work with law enforcement on its tail. Buzz60’s Sean Dowling has more.

From the Marion County Sheriff’s Facebook page: 

Folks, it’s time for another episode of “Deputies Walking with Wildlife”… MCSO Deputy Bryan Bowman was working at the KP Hole today and as he was driving, he saw THIS dude just walkin’ down the road. Seeing multiple traffic infractions occurring, Deputy Bowman flipped around behind him and threw on his lights to slow down traffic. He tried to get him off the road but he snapped at Deputy Bowman….the nerve!! Deputy Bowman then just followed the old man for about 20 minutes until he finally went into the woods… anyone know what kind of tortoise this is? #slowwwwwwsunday

Thanks to Deputy Bowman for catching this wild encounter on tape and for sharing it with us!!

Marion County Sheriff’s Dept. via Facebook

Video by Buzz60/Sean Dowling