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Five Dives You Can’t Miss In Lanzarote

Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands, has become one of the most attractive places in Europe for diving. It is a great space for both beginner and experienced divers, who’ve obtained the padi advanced certification.

The Blue Eye, Lanzarote

The underwater landscape in Lanzarote is unique and particular due to its volcanic features: the diving scenery is decorated with cliffs, reefs and submerged forests of all kinds.

Here are the five dives you can’t miss in Lanzarote:

The Cathedral

The Cathedral is a very popular dive in Lanzarote. Perhaps because the most famous animal on the island lives there: the giant grouper called Felix by local divers.

The site is distinguished by mysterious vertical walls with hidden life, sandbanks inhabited by pooch and angelfishes, countless caves with all kinds of marine life and even the remains of an occasional shipwreck.

The route divers follow to get to the cave appears to be barren but is surprisingly full of marine life; spider fishes, tapaculos, sand crabs and angel sharks are just a glimpse of the creatures we can meet there.

The Blue Eye

The Blue Eye is one of the most adventurous and popular dives in Lanzarote. It is a tunnel that connects the sandy shallow area to a cliff descending to incredible depths. It has the shape of a wide volcanic passageway and is located 18 to 30 meters deep.

The dive is absolutely dreamlike; the path inside The Blue Eye is full of strangely shaped caves in different shades and colors. The richness of its marine life is another of its attractions, as you can find hidden sea horses, big angelfishes, pooch fishes, and majestic manta rays.

Red Coral Area

Only ten meters of strokes from Playa Chica are enough to reach a cliff that falls 50 meters down full of numerous small caves: the famous Red Coral.

This space owes its name to the popular orange coral, one of the most striking types of corals in the entire archipelago. As we descend twenty-five meters along this steep wall we encounter the coral in all its splendor, hunting other animals and bringing exoticism and color, difficult to find elsewhere in Lanzarote.

The healthy state of this coral indicates the good condition of the water.

Waikiki Reef

This is possibly one of the dives with better visibility, and ideal for exploring caves and corals of all kinds. A veril, thirty meters deep, can be reached while diving between a wide set of cliffs and a sand slope. Once there, you’ll find caves with black corals, hanging gerardias and multicolored sponges.

The transparency and the shape of the terrain provide a fantastic show: a reef loaded with numerous schools of fish, gilthead breams and bonitos.

Lighthouse of Pechiguera

The Pechiguera lighthouse is ideal for experienced divers. In the depths, a spectacular trapezoid-shaped mountain is found. The convergence of energetic water currents and this big block, attract the biggest animals: a whole repertoire of life making its way into the abyss.


  1. Some great choices for the best dives in Lanzarote! I also love Punta Tiñosa. It’s a boat dive from Playa Chica, there’s a fantastic cave at 30 metres. The marine life is really nice there. Last week I found 2 slipper lobsters which are really rare!