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Find Your Rubber Ducky – It’s Bubble Bath Day

Bubble Bath Day
Bubble Bath Day

That first bath, bubbles rising up around us in a scent that would soon become associated with warmth, comfort, and safety. It started with the love of a mother’s hands, and in time we began to pamper ourselves. Rich bubbles, beautiful candles, quiet music, and a little time to ourselves have all been the hallmark of the bubble bath. Bubble bath Day reminds us of these little luxuries, and to take time out of our day to treat ourselves to a little special TLC.

History of Bubble Bath Day
Bubble Baths have been popular for as long as baths with surfactant based soap have been a thing. There are multiple practical uses for them, ranging from the unexpected to the curiously un-thought of. Bubble baths have been renowned for their ability to soothe and relax, but this doesn’t actually address the more interesting reasons behind their popularity.

You see, bubbles have the ability to help remove and prevent the nasty ring that forms around your bath-tub, leaving you, and your tub, that much cleaner. Additionally, it can effectively preserve the modesty of one in a bath as the bubbles obscure vision. Additionally, the bubbles act as an insulator, preserving the heat of the bath and allowing you to luxuriate in it even longer.

Bubble baths in general, speaking of the substance one puts in ones bath to cause the bubbles, are often pleasantly scented, and many of them are combined with ingredients that serve to help moisturize the skin and relax the bather.

How to Celebrate Bubble Bath Day
If we have to tell you how to celebrate Bubble Bath Day, you may be in worse need of one then we could ever have imagined. Bubble Bath day if best celebrated by pampering yourself in a long, luxurious, scent rich bubble bath. The only thing better is having someone else give you a bubble bath, complete with scented candles, luxurious body oils, and your favorite book or music to help you let the tension of the day just drain off your shoulders. Better yet! Bathe with a friend!

If you’re feeling particularly inventive, and have the right kind of Hot Tub, you can actually create a huge bubbling tub of ever warm bath, and join a group of friends in one and while away the evening playing with bubbles and having a generally grand old time! Be sure to check with your manufacturer to see if your hot tub can handle bubble bath, and if so what the best kind to use is to make sure you don’t end your night in a flurry of hot-tub damage induced sorrow!