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Filming Locations with SoFlo Video Production Studio

If you are a professional filmmaker or videographer, you are certainly in an exciting field. There are tons of lucrative opportunities out there to make memorable videos and films. However, shooting a video or film is much more than just about capturing a subject or telling a story. You need every aspect of that story to capture the essence of your message and environment.

This can be tough to do sometimes if you don’t have the right background. Maybe you are located in the northern region of the United States where the weather is colder and you want to shoot something on the beach, but the weather will just not permit. Well, this is where SoFlo video productions can come in handy.

Who is SoFlo Video Production Studio?

SoFlo Video Productions Studios is a film production studio located in Sunrise, Florida.

The main goal of the company is to provide filmmakers and videographers with specific film sets or mansions where they can shoot music videos or make movies. Whatever message you are looking to get across, SoFlo will offer anything from standing sets to mansion rentals for a film shoot that will suit your filming needs.

Specialists That Make the Set Magical

The company is also open to individuals that are looking to supplement their mansion for income as well. This is an excellent way to cover some of those additional expenses. All you have to do is reach out to the company via e-mail through their official site.

Studio Fully Loaded with Props

Location scouting for a filming location and environment may provide what you are seeking, but it takes much more to set the mood entirely. You are going to need props. Not just props, but the right props that go hand in hand with the scene or message that you are trying to get across. When renting film sets with other providers you might be required to supply your own props. This is not only going to cost you more money, but it will take an abundance of time to track down such props.

This is something that you do not have to worry about when you rent SoFlo Studio’s standing sets. All the sets are clean with a professional appearance and fully stocked with all the props that you would ever need for their sets.

Video Production with Green Screens

Technology really has come a long way over the years. Such technology like the green screen has really transformed the ways that videographers and filmmakers are making videos and films. In addition to offering lustrous and beautiful mansions, SoFlo Studio also has green screen technology. With this technology, you can literally transport your subjects to any plane of existence.


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