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Fade Haircut Looks Worth Styling This Year

A Guide to Best Men’s Fade Haircut Styles

There is no doubt that a fade haircut is one of the best haircuts for men in 2020. The reasons are obvious. This haircut is not only fashionable but also quite practical. Besides, its versatility allows you to rock it on various occasions, both formal and informal.

However, in order to rock the right fade style, planning is crucial. Even though you need is to have perfect hair graduation from the top to the bottom, you may find it add to choose from so many taper hairstyles available today.

For instance, apart from determining the pattern that your fade will follow, you need to choose how low or high your fade will be. You would also want to choose the length of your hair that you want to keep on top. To make you make the right choices, MensHaircuts has collected some of the popular fade haircut styles that you may consider.

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1. Scissor Fade

A scissor fade requires a comb and a pair of scissors to achieve a smart-casual look. This fade is ideal for medium length hair and can be worn on different occasions.

It imitates a basic fade but replaces the clippers with the scissors. The barbers cut the hair around your nape with the help of a tapered comb going upwards.

The haircut is ideal for men who like simple hairstyles that are easy to maintain.

2. Taper Fade

The taper fade haircut starts from the neckline, moving up to the top of the head. The fade darkens gradually from the neckline until it touches the hair on the top.

The stunning haircut makes you a crowd magnet but is also okay on wearing during official duties.

It is ideal for men who want to have a natural look and the flexibility of styling their hair to match their occasions.

3. Mid Fade

It is among the most popular fade haircut styles among men, and it exposes the scalp at a high variant. It starts right above your ears, which gives it an outstanding look that allows you to style it as you want.

It is ideal for men who want to go old school and have a long beard.

4. Low Fade

The low fade gives a chance to floss by showing some skin. It does not start from bald, but the fade is made deep from the neckline, and it lessens as it approaches the top. The fade transitions are sharp and blend perfectly with the long hair at the top.

It is ideal for men who are sensitive to their overall grooming and those with beards and looking for a sharp contrast.

5. High Top Fade

The high top fade haircut goes well with kinky hair. The fade is made deep on the sides and the back of the head. Hair of medium length is left at the top of the head. The hair is then combed and given a flat top by trimming its tips.

It is ideal for men looking for a casual and an old school touch.

6. High Fade

It gives you a bald shave at the back and the side of your head. A foil shaver is used to achieve the bald parts, giving you a sharp and stylish finish.

This haircut is ideal for men who love keeping short hair regardless of its texture.

7. Comb-Over Fade

This fade haircut is made to precision with the use of a comb. The hair is combed to the side using a fine comb. The sides and the back are given a shave, but not skin deep. It can have a side part left or can be done without the part.

It is ideal for men who are keen on detail and want to leave a lasting impression.

8. Burst Fade

It leaves wide parts of hair at the center of the head down. The sides and the neckline are tapered. It does well with long, slightly curled, kinky hair.

It is ideal for men who want to wear a casual look.

Source: MensHaircuts