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Explore Ibiza By Boat

Ibiza is a beautiful island located about 90 miles from mainland Spain. The island is famous worldwide for its party atmosphere and exciting nightlife scene but has much more to offer visitors than just clubs and electronic music!

There is a common misconception among holidaymakers that Ibiza is only for people looking to party and soak up the sun! There are, however, many other attractions in and around the Island of Ibiza that make it worthwhile to visit.

When you hire a boat in Ibiza, you can explore the island and its tranquil waters while soaking up the sun. Hiring a boat can give you access to the more relaxed activities that the island has to offer but it also allows you to get to the adventurous spots where you can participate in activities like cliff jumping.

How To Rent A Boat In Ibiza

You can easily rent a boat in Ibiza as a tourist. The island has a variety of agencies that specialize in boat rentals and would be happy to assist you. Some operators may even show you the ropes or provide a skipper so that you can relax completely and enjoy the surroundings.

Normally,  operators require some form of identification and a deposit or credit card before, but the process is quite straight-forward and you can be cruising the ocean in no time.

The boat rental market in Ibiza offers something for everyone and includes small boats that can be used without too much prior experience, as well as larger vessels that require experience and is normally available for rental only with a skipper or skippers license. When renting your pleasure boat, you can opt for comprehensive insurance which will give you extra peace of mind in case of any problem so that you can enjoy your Iberian holiday even more.

Some operators offer larger boats that can accommodate passengers overnight in cabins. These boats are a great idea for celebrating special occasions or other events and can even be rented with a staff compliment to do the heavy lifting for you. If you are someone who enjoys luxury and style, this may be just the option for you.

Why Renting A Boat In Ibiza Is A Good Idea

Renting a boat gives you the opportunity to do some exploring around the island and it can be a welcome distraction from the very busy tourist hotspots on the island. Because of the tranquil waters around Ibiza, it is easy to take a boat out for the day and enjoy the sights from the water.



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