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Everything you Need to Know About Florida’s Tech Scene


Florida’s tech scene has been rapidly expanding over the last few years, with many technology companies and tech-enabled businesses joining the state’s tech ecosystem.

The Sunshine State features a wide range of tech sectors, including software development, cybersecurity, healthcare technology, aerospace engineering, and real estate, and shows no signs of slowing down

Read on to learn more about Florida’s tech scene and where it’s headed.

The Big Three

The strength of Florida’s tech scene has earned interest from three of the biggest tech companies in the world. Companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are all cementing their presence in the Sunshine State. The expansion of the big three in any state is usually a sign that it’s a productive hub for technology.

A Tech Ecosystem

Florida fosters creativity in the technology field by functioning as a tech ecosystem, thanks to the presence of major universities and large renowned technology companies.

For example, Florida is home to many world-class educational and research institutions. The University of Miami, Florida State University, and the University of Florida all produce competent workers trained in technology fields like computer science and engineering.

The presence of the following technology companies in Florida also helps develop its pool of skilled workers and establish a healthy tech ecosystem:

  • Harris Corporation: Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, this international communications and information technology business boasts billions in annual revenue and employs thousands of scientists and engineers.
  • Lockheed Martin: This prominent American aerospace, information security, and technology company manufacture various technology products in Florida.
  • Boeing: One of the world’s biggest aerospace companies, Boeing, has moved its Space and Launch division to Florida’s so-called “space coast.”

Real Estate Technology

Florida’s dynamic real estate market has excited analysts thanks to the introduction of property technology. Property technology has made it easier for Floridians to tour properties virtually, maintain homes, and search for potential investments.

One particularly innovative real estate platform, Nobul, has completely changed how buyers and sellers engage with realtors in Florida and across North America.

Founded by Nobul CEO Regan McGee, the consumer-centric real estate technology company leverages complex algorithms and sophisticated technology to connect homebuyers and sellers with the best real estate agent.

In a PR Newswire press release, McGee shared that, “Florida is a wonderful and diverse market with a mix of consumers, agents and needs; the perfect fit for Nobul.”

Nobul has made a giant splash in Florida by empowering home sellers and buyers. Users on the platform can check a real estate agent’s service, verified reviews, histories, and incentives. Instead of being at the mercy of agents, buyers and sellers enjoy having realtors compete for their business.


Tech companies in Florida have been attracting attention from investment companies. These venture capital and private equity firms are funding a number of startups in the Sunshine State from different tech subsectors, including engineering, software, and healthcare.

The Sunshine State’s tech scene is accelerating rapidly due to its expanding skilled workforce, tech ecosystem, and business-friendly atmosphere. Its low cost of living, non-existent state income tax, and friendly regulatory rules nurture growth for different types of tech businesses.

In addition, the presence of business accelerators and incubators is attracting fresh tech companies and startups. With demand for technological solutions growing, expect Florida to continue establishing itself as a state that cultivates the tech industry.


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