Home Weather Erika Moving through Caribbean Islands

Erika Moving through Caribbean Islands

By David Bernard, Storm Strategies, for SouthFloridaReporter.com, Aug 27, 2015 – Tropical Storm Erika remains rather weak and disorganized this morning. Heavy rains continue across the Leeward Islands today and spread across the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico tonight and tomorrow.


The forecast track remains unchanged. The storm is expected to reach the Bahamas this weekend with the closest approach to the Florida coastline on Sunday. South Florida continues to be in the cone of uncertainty and everyone should be prepared to act in case watches are issued on Friday.


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The biggest change since yesterday has been a slight shift east with the computer models. However, they still track close to the coast and only a small deviation in the track could result in a landfalling storm.  In addition, most intensity models show the potential for Erika to be a hurricane this weekend once it moves over the hot waters of the Bahamas.