Home News Erika a Possible Threat to South Florida

Erika a Possible Threat to South Florida

By David Bernard, Storm Strategies, for SouthFloridaReporter.com, Aug 26, 2015 – The 5 day forecast shows Erika could be a threat to South Florida. Now is the time for everyone to review and be ready to implement your hurricane plans by the end of the week.


Hurricane Hunters have found Erika is a tad stronger this morning. Tropical storm conditions will begin spreading across the Northern Leeward Islands tonight and tomorrow on Puerto Rico as well.


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Computer models are in general agreement that the storm will continue WNW for the next 3 to 4 days. Almost all of the models show a storm near or in the general area of South Florida.



Where there isn’t agreement is the intensity. There is a large range of possibilities from Erika barely surviving to a major hurricane near the South Florida coastline by Sunday. In the short term, the atmospheric conditions are marginal at best for intensification. However, by Friday much warmer water, less wind shear and dry air will be present around the Bahamas and the storm could strengthen at a significant rate.


To repeat, the message as of Wednesday morning, is that there is the potential for a hurricane event across South Florida late this weekend.