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The Energy Rebooting Juice


There are often days when we wake up in the morning, feeling more tired and weak than we were before falling asleep. We feel sloppy; perhaps a bit overly full from the previous night or even flu like.

This Energy Reboot Juice is definitely the cure for morning blues!

The simple ingredients such as the lemon and ginger provide you with a zingy, tangy kick, the carrot and orange provide the energy, while the bell pepper adds a nice and spicy touch.

Most of us usually don’t prefer veggie juices as they tend to be slightly bitter, especially when it is part of the first meal of the day, hence we add a bit of fruit to sweeten it up!

The entire combination is so incredible and refreshing that you feel your energy building up as you take each sip.

In fact, you feel so awesome that you feel you are drinking liquid health itself! The juice is also so vivid that it practically glows.


The combination of the ginger, carrot and orange in the juice is a powerful mix of anti-oxidants, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and beautifying agents.

  • Ginger is full of anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Carrots are a fantastic source of vitamins, specially vitamin A that helps with improved vision, helps fight cancer, gives you healthy skin, teeth and gums.
Bell Peppers have an exceptionally high amount of vitamin C and other beneficial molecules including Zeaxanthin, and Leutin, that help prevent cataracts.
Oranges contain high amounts of minerals including calcium and potassium, apart from phytochemicalsThiamine and Folates
  • Oranges contain a very good amount of minerals like potassium and calcium, and phytochemicals such as thiamine and folates. The combination of all these health boosting molecules forms the basis of the Energy Reboot Juice!

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