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Elegant Screen Dimmer For Your Mac


If you also open several windows simultaneously, you probably know how difficult it is to focus your attention on the one you need at the moment. You have several opened windows on your screen and simply can’t understand which app you need right now. The modern software market has an excellent solution for you – HazeOver, an app which helps you deal with several opened windows on your screen. We have prepared an in-depth review of the functionality, pricing policy, and general quality of this app.

What is HazeOver? 

This is a high-quality tool, which allows you to control the opened apps on the screen of your Mac. The core target of this program is to put a translucent curtain behind a frontmost window. Otherwise stated, this program camouflages the folders that are located behind the frontmost one. As a result, you won’t be distracted and will be focused on only an active window.

HazeOver offers the best solution to those who search for the ways of fading away all unnecessary applications from the screen. This is a high-quality and stable screen dimmer which allows you to be more productive during your working hours. Having installed this program, you’ll appreciate its functionality and find it extremely useful to you!

Analysis of the Main Features of HazeOver 

This software product is endowed with a variety of useful options which can help users be undistracted and more organized. Below, you can make yourself familiar with all these options:

  • It has a good night mode, which is extremely useful for those who used to work at night. Now, you shouldn’t choose between either too bright or too dark screen. The app will mask all folders that you don’t use. As a result, the too bright light of other windows won’t irritate you.
  • This is a perfect tool for users who used to deal with several screens. Now you can easily block the other stuff avoiding the necessity to open the Full-Screen
  • This is a cool tool for those who use multiple monitors.
  • It provides a special window for viewing movies or images. Otherwise stated, all those distracting folders in the background won’t bother you anymore.
  • You may choose a time period, during which a fading animation will last until you switch windows.
  • You can easily lower the general brightness of the folders you don’t use at the moment.

Alternatively stated, this is a high-quality app which will really boost your productivity. You should try the app, and then you’ll see that you simply can’t do without its useful features.

You can look through the features and select the one which is good and useful for you. If necessary, you can highlight either one window or all windows except for the one (it depends on the way how you work). Besides, you can also use a keyboard shortcut with the aim to switch off the app (you can activate it if you need to check all active windows)

Pricing Policy 

A company manufacturer promises that for a single fee, you’ll receive around 100 apps for Mac users. All of them are focused on different activities, ranging from web development to simple productivity applications. Each app which is included in the suite is tested and checked. All of them are high-quality software products which can comply with demands of the most exacting users. The price for a monthly subscription is $9.99 per month.

Bottom Line

If you doubt whether HazeOver can meet your requirements and fit your daily workflow, you should give it a try. With the functionality of this program, you can be concentrated on one particular window (those folders that are located in the background won’t bother you). It will help you be more organized and more attentive while performing your daily duties. By all accounts, this is a powerful application which will definitely become an integral part of your must-have tools.