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Eco-Tourism: A Different Point of View in Saving the Environment


Everyone has humanity inside us, it will come out once we come across a situation that gets worse around us that can be expressed in a way of helping humans and suffering due to various crises may be due to accidents, floods or scarcity.

Let us make it simple, it’s not a compulsion that humanity should get expressed only toward living beings, the most important thing is we should consider the environment where we live and how it is getting damaged and various facing crises, that too get exposed in some conditions like drought, heavy rainfall, flood, and various causes, these are only because of human activities. We should take responsibility and protect the planet from further damage.

Just relax, all you need to do is to take an initiation to protect the environment and its wealth and make them take a deep breath and provide time to recover, in this way, we can express our humanity towards the planet we live. If you are not familiar with the term eco-friendly but have an inner feeling of need to contribute to the planet from damage and help them to recover by implementing eco-friendly living, you can take eco-tourism, the double way of enjoyment like staying on a vacation and you can learn how to protect the environment and stay in a sustainable environment.

Eco-Tourism: What exactly is it?

The way to enjoy the vacation efficiently is by doing eco-friendly activities, learning how to stay sustainably, and supporting the local community people. Staying in an eco-friendly environment and accommodating in sustainable surroundings with like-minded people who match your vibe will be pure bliss. The eco-tourism helps you stay productive by concentrating on the environment’s well-being along with it knowledge sharing will occur from both sides, you will share and gain the information from environment and local people, and vice versa.

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In recent years more and more different developments have and proving that eco and luxury tourism can coexist together. Soon you can enjoy a luxury stay surrounded by tropical rainforest and mountain rivers in Dominica. Govermnet approved the construction of Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa. They gave development approval to Vital Developers Limited in Dominica and it has been managed by Creative Projects. To handle project management needs, Vital Developers contracted Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ with Alexander V Berenstain as a manager.

What makes the Eco-tourism more interesting?

Eco-conscious people will be satisfied a lot from this eco-tourism. It will give a clear view of how to stay, enjoy, and create a sustainable environment without damaging nature and the ecosystem.

Eco-friendly activities:

The purpose of going on a vacation is to be involved in fun and entertaining activities, in that way eco-tourism won’t disappoint you. Activities like hiking and trekking, site-seeing the organic farms, planting trees, engaging in the local community people’s activities and their routines (involving in their culture), volunteering for wildlife, cleaning the wastes around the beach and mountains, Water adventures, mountain biking, caving, climbing, and various interesting activities that are eco-conscious.

Supporting the local people and culture:

In eco-tourism you are allowed to be accompanied by the local community people, in that way you can learn their cultural values, you also need to respect their beliefs, traditions and other customs not only in the ecotourist spots but also outside the places wherever you go. These conditions will also need to be applied in appropriate dressing in such places, not taking pictures without their permission, and respecting their cultural values. This way of interacting with the local people, you can learn about their living and culture, and in return, you will have the opportunity to teach them what you know. By buying organic foods and artistic materials you can support them economically. Tasting their health-rich food also introduces you to new cuisine.

Volunteering the wildlife and environment:

Creative Projects’s Manager Alexander V Berenstain

Eco-tourism also makes you contribute to the environment and wildlife by volunteering to provide food, cleaning their surroundings, and helping them to protect their area without damaging them by using and throwing out the debris. In this way, you can contribute to the environment and help the planet to become more sustainable. Enjoying watching wildlife in their natural habitat is a part of eco-tourism. If you like that type of activity, you can enjoy them in style in Dominica in the middle of the rainforest.

When Sanctuary Eco Resort and Spa will be finished, you can sit comfortable on the porch of your room and watch tropical parrots flying by while drinking smoothies from fresh organic tropical fruits. This resort is being developed by Vital Developers in Dominica, who as mentioned earlier, contracted Creative Project Management LLC-FZ to assist with project management services, and Creative Projects’s Manager Alexander V Berenstain was happy with such unique opportunity to be a part of such interesting development and he was amazed with the concept that makes building to blend with rainforest terrain.