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Drinking the Right Tea Can Help You Sleep Better


Being behind on sleep can feel debilitating. When you’re exhausted day in and day out, everyday tasks are seemingly impossible to complete and your mental and physical health can also take a toll.

Sleeping pills are a popular route that many people avoid due to their potential of becoming reliant on them nightly to catch some Zs. If you’ve tried reducing your screen time and stress levels and you’re still having some issues with getting to sleep and staying asleep – tea might be the missing link you need.

Helpful kinds of tea

One of the most popular kinds of tea used as a sleep aid is chamomile tea. It has the desired sedative effect and tastes great too. Chamomile tea also includes apigenin, an antioxidant that can induce muscle relaxation and sleep. This is commonly found in tea gifts packages due to its popularity.

Lavender is a multifunctional herb that smells great and promotes relaxation and sleep. Research has shown that drinking tea with lavender in it can boost relaxation and enhance sleep quality. Double up on the lavender by using an essential oil on your pillow to ensure you have the best chance of getting a good night’s sleep.

Passionflower tea, also referred to as Passiflora or maypop, is considered to have strong medicinal properties. Many people have been touting the benefits of brewing the plant’s fresh or dried leaves into passionflower tea. It’s commonly used as a natural remedy to treat anxiety and sleep issues.

Green tea can work wonders for people with sleep issues like insomnia. A recent study found that adults who drank low caffeine green tea were linked to improved sleep quality, decreased stress, and reduced fatigue, compared with those drinking regular green tea. Be cautious of what kind of green tea you buy as some contain nearly as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, which is not what you need when looking for a sleep remedy.

Magnolia tea, although lesser known, has been known to help people who are looking for a more natural form of a sleeping aid. Interestingly, it’s also been known to help new moms! According to one study in women who recently gave birth, drinking magnolia tea for 3 weeks significantly improved depression and sleep quality, compared with a control group.

Who benefits from tea?

The short answer? Everyone, of course! But really. Tea can help people from all walks of life that are struggling to sleep. Pick your desired kind, brew it up nice and begin your sleepytime ritual.

New mothers who are struggling with anxiety around bedtime will find some solace in certain kinds of tea. Also, young professionals starting a new job and stressing about all they need to learn will be able to reap the rewards of taking time out of their night for a quick cup of tea. Seniors who are having a tough time adjusting to retirement will absolutely benefit from adding a cup of tea to their sleepytime routine. A college student stressed about midterms or finals will definitely benefit from a freshly brewed pot of tea. The situations are endless and the benefits of tea are plentiful.

How to recognize quality tea

Being able to identify a quality tea is difficult. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Taste: Great teas will have a strong taste of earthy, sweet flavors. You can pick up on the flavor profile a little better if you sip the tea slowly.
  • Look: Before steeping the dried tea leaves, take a look at the tea and how it is composed. Quality tea will feel similar to how they look: smooth, whole and sturdy.
  • Weight: Loose tea should have some heft to it. If your tea feels overly light and airy, it might be overly dried or bad quality tea.

How to make the best tea

Making tea is considered an art form in many cultures and is generally hard to master. One thing is certain, though. You need to boil your water in a kettle. Do not microwave or stovetop boil your water. This should only be done as a last-ditch effort.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a tea kettle that will properly heat up your tea water so you can get the utmost benefits from your new nighttime routine. Also, always have some lemon and honey on hand. If you’re trying a few new kinds of tea flavors, there’s a high probability that you’ll not enjoy a few of the flavors. Make the foul flavors easier to bare with a squeeze of lemon or a dab of honey.