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Don’t Lose Sleep: How to Tell If You Need a New Mattress


Mattresses are one of the most frequently used items in our homes. We use it every day, but somehow, we are not giving much thought to it. However, when a mattress reaches its limit, like say 7 or 10 years, you’ll start to notice some unpleasant things.

For most homeowners who are in this situation, the question is “How do you tell if you need a new mattress?” Here are some warning signs to make you cash out on a new mattress for your home:

Waking up With Body Aches and Sores

Sleep can invigorate and freshen you up. However, if you wake up feeling sore and aching all over, then something must be wrong. If this is usual with your waking hours, you should check out a possible culprit – your mattress!

Try looking at the surface of your bed and feel for any lumps and sagging areas. Some valley and hill-like shapes that have most likely formed on your bed indicate the body impressions you made by using it for a long time.

The lower back, hip, and neck pains mean that the mattress no longer supports your pressure points right. You better act on this immediately by looking for the best bed you need so that you could avoid further health complications.

You’re Having Allergic Reactions

Are you suffering from rashes or constantly sneezing lately? Your bed could be the cause. Irritants such as mildew, bacteria, molds, and dust mites may be giving you all the allergies. It may not be present before, but as the mattress ages, all these irritants have added up to create health risks for you.

Changing your pillows and toppers may not solve having allergic reactions because the problem is embedded deep down in your bed. It is, therefore, best to address this right away by changing to a new mattress to avoid additional health risks for you. Look for mattresses that have hypoallergenic materials like latex and wool.

Noisy Coils Bothering Your Sleep

People usually get a new mattress when they move to a new house. There are, however, many other good reasons why you may need to replace your old mattress. Try using your senses to know if you need a new one.

If the squeaky sound bothers you, or you feel spring coils jabbing your body as you shift in your bed, you may want to consider a mattress change. Once you get a new mattress, it can genuinely make a whole lot of difference.

Your Bed Is More Than 7 or 10 Years Old

You love our old bed, and indeed it has served its purpose. Nonetheless, your mattress may look fine. However, keeping it for more than ten years would mean you should probably get a new one.

Dust, mites, and bacteria have accumulated over the years, and it has likely lost most of its properties as a good mattress. Changing to a more comfortable mattress can give you the sound sleep you need. Better sleep results in a more refreshed and productive you the next day.

You Have the Wrong Mattress

Believe it or not, a lot of people often sleep with the wrong mattress. Even if they have the wrong mattress, most of them can’t afford to change it easily. It may be due to budget problems or they just don’t have the time to do it.

What happens is, most people just ignore the discomfort with hopes of just sleeping through their rough experience on the wrong mattresses. However, keeping up with discomfort has its limits. Soon, you’ll be having back problems and you’ll be more tired than energized when waking up from a long sleep.

If you have experienced discomfort in the first few days or weeks with your mattress, don’t hesitate to ask for a change or refund. Most stores have month-long trial periods where you can test out a bed and return it to them should you find it unsatisfactory.

Experiencing Life-Changing Events

There are times when some changes happen in your life that require that you get a new object. Just like moving to another chapter of your life like marriage. Most couples would want a new mattress where there will be ample space for both of them.

A new baby that you would want to nurse or cuddle and play with would need extra space, which means a larger bed for the whole family. Many families now have pets that stay with them even during sleeping hours, too!

There are also times when you need to buy a new, comfortable, and fitting bed, like if you have gained a considerable amount of weight, you have become much taller or, in some cases, had an injury.

The mattress is a significant part of our lives, and they have become essential for us to live our lives comfortably. But, as they say, all things must come to an end. There is a specific limit to a mattress’s lifespan, and there will come a time you will have to let it go.