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Don’s Footwear Celebrates 10 Years in the Business

Premier bespoke shoemaker, Don’s Footwear, announced that it is celebrating its 10th anniversary. From a single store that was launched in 2009 in New York, today the company has expanded its offerings as well as locations, in the US, UK and Asia.

Don’s Footwear has carved a niche for itself with its unique, high quality, handcrafted shoes. Today, the brand is one of the leading makers of stylish, durable, ergonomic and affordable handcrafted shoes, including Cuban heel boots, bespoke regular shoes, men’s elevator shoes and custom golf shoes. There are over 160 different styles offered on its website.

The company is known for its high-quality elevator shoes with wider toe boxes and midsole technology, which makes it possible for the elevator shoes to not be arched on the heels. This prevents the feet from hurting from prolonged use of elevator heels.

Along with improving the height, these shoes improve posture as well. In addition, the brand also makes stylish Cuban boots in leather and suede. Customers can also choose full leather sole shoes, ideal for dance floors.

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So popular are the bespoke regular shoes, that there is almost a 3-month waiting period to get them delivered. Founder and creator, Allan Donnelly (Don), remembered the time when he was toying with the idea of launching his own line of shoes, stating, “In 2005, when I started approaching shoemakers to manufacture my designs, I found that there was a significant dearth of high-quality handcrafted shoes in the market, which were stylish yet affordable. I decided to use my own shoemaking skills to fulfill the complete lifecycle from conception to production in my own small factory.”

The brand has come a long way since then. Today, Don’s Footwear is showcased around the world, in trunk shows in the US and UK. Although based in Bangkok now, Don travels every three months to give customers around the world a chance to see his creations first-hand.

In March 2019, he participated in the London Super Trunk Show, the world championship for Shoe Shining and Shoe Patina, which is the largest open event for men’s classic shoes.

“What makes our handmade shoes different from the rest is that we add polyurethane rubber, in place of ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, as inserts in the shoes, which means these shoes will not start squishing down after a few days and continue to give wearers the height boost, which is the whole point of them,” added Allan Donnelly.

All the styles available on the website are 100% original creations and handmade. Over 200-250 operations go into the delicate stitching of the leather uppers to the leather soles, which is the proper construction of an Italian, standard height-increasing shoe on the welt principle.

About Don’s Footwear: Allan Donnelly established Don’s Footwear in New York in 2009. He was introduced to the concept of elevator shoes in 1997. Since then, he has been inspired to create original elevator shoe designs, using the highest quality materials. Today, the brand offers almost 160 different styles of elevator shoes, bespoke regular shoes, Cuban heel boots, and custom golf shoes, which are all hand-welted and available at competitive prices. The shoes are not only stylish and durable but ergonomically designed to give the perfect fit to each customer.