Does The Kentucky Derby Bring Out The Gambler In You?

Kentucky Derby
Fashion at the Racetrack

Americans lose roughly $100 billion gambling each year, and with fans expected to wager more than $100 million during Kentucky Derby weekend, May 6-7, the personal-finance website WalletHub released an in-depth report on 2016’s Most Gambling-Addicted States as well as a collection of fun facts about the first leg of the Triple Crown.

Below are some highlights from each report:

Most Gambling-Addicted States Least Gambling-Addicted States
1 Nevada 41 North Carolina
2 South Dakota 42 Alaska
3 Mississippi 43 Kentucky
4 Montana 44 Wisconsin
5 Oklahoma 45 Indiana
6 West Virginia 46 Kansas
7 New Jersey 47 Arizona
8 Oregon 48 Alabama
9 Delaware 49 Nebraska
10 North Dakota 50 Utah

142nd Kentucky Derby By The Numbers:

  • 127,000: The number of Mint Juleps, containing 1,000 pounds of fresh mint, to be served throughout Kentucky Derby weekend.
  • 90 percent: Percentage of female spectators who will wear a hat.
  • $300,000: The 2016 fee for the world’s most valuable stud, Tapit.
  • $194.3 million: The total dollar amount wagered on the 2015 Kentucky Derby, the most in history, with $154.3 million ultimately being paid on winning tickets.
  • $200,000: The estimated value of the Kentucky Derby trophy, which includes an 18-karat gold horse and rider, 350 rubies and 12 emeralds.
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