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Do You Envy People Who Speak Other Languages As If They Have No Trouble At All?


Learning Spanish can really give you a different view of the world. Learning a new language has many advantages, and this is the best time to start!

5 Reasons to learn Spanish this year

If you learn a new language in the country where it is spoken, such as learning Spanish in Peru, it can be a real game-changer – and not just for your language skills! Being bilingual opens up great opportunities that people who only speak one language often do not have. And while travel is still a challenge, you can start learning Spanish online! Will these reasons convince you to make learning Spanish a priority this year?

  1. Spanish will help you in your career

Speaking a second language, such as Spanish, can really help your chances on the job market! Speaking several languages says something about your mental abilities and improves your CV. Being bilingual or multilingual makes you stand out from all the other people you are competing against for your dream job! Sometimes it is good to know the vocabulary of your field of work. There are special courses in Business Spanish, Medical Spanish, etc. Employers like people who speak more than one language. It has even been proven that speaking only one language does not give your brain enough material to stay fit!

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  1. You will improve your general language skills

Learning Spanish helps you to express yourself. Yes, even in your mother tongue! When you learn how another language works and how to use it, you automatically get to know your own mother tongue better. Spanish, especially, has some nice advantages: many English words have a Latin root, so, without realizing it, Spanish will also increase your English vocabulary, especially when you take Spanish classes in Florida, a state where both languages are spoken.

  1. Opportunities: Travel, Study and Work Abroad

If you learn Spanish in Peru or any other South American country, you can travel to amazing destinations that have Spanish as their main language: Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala. Since not everyone in South America speaks English, you will have a better experience if you speak Spanish! So, say goodbye to always having to find someone to translate or to constantly dragging a dictionary around with you. If you speak Spanish, you’ll have a much nicer and more relaxed trip!

And if you study Spanish in a country you fall in love with, why not stay a bit longer, live in another country and work as an ex-pat? Being able to speak Spanish will give you so many opportunities to gain work experience in Peru or elsewhere.

  1. You become more open-minded, flexible and tolerant

A language will show you new perspectives and allow you to experience your surroundings in a completely different way. When you learn a new language, you also learn to see the world differently. This is especially true when you do a Spanish immersion program in a Spanish-speaking country. Spanish will open you up to different ways of life, such as in South American countries. It will also give you a different perspective on other beliefs, values and norms.

  1. Spanish is an important language and relatively easy to learn

And if all these reasons weren’t enough… there’s another one you’re going to love: Spanish is not that hard to learn! Many words resemble and sound quite similar to English vocabulary, and the structure follows patterns that are easy to remember. In general, Spanish pronunciation is not very complicated. Although it is more difficult in some countries than others (Spain, Argentina, Chile), any of the Spanish-speaking countries are a great place for beginners of the Spanish language.