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Do Americans Prefer Planes, Trains Or Automobiles? (Video)

Do you get a familiar pang of dread anytime you have to go to an airport? You’re not alone.

In fact, the average American would happily add six and a half hours onto their traveling time if it meant they could avoid the airport and road trip to their destination instead, according to new research.

The new statistic emerged in a study of 2,000 Americans which found that between planes, trains, and automobiles, Americans prefer traveling by plane least.

The new survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Ford, revealed that three in four (73 percent) Americans feel that road tripping is just simply a much more pleasant experience than flying.

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Why? According to the study, Americans’ biggest grievances with flying are the delays (55 percent), going through security (50 percent), the cramped seats (50 percent) and the inability to pack everything they’d like (44 percent).

But with road tripping, it’s a different story. According to the study, scenic views topped the list (69 percent) with the freedom to stop whenever (69 percent) and pack whatever you want rounding out the top three (57 percent).

And road trips are coming back in style, too, as over half of Americans polled said they are planning on taking one this summer, with six in ten Americans (59 percent) saying they are planning on taking more road trips in the next five years than they did in the past five years.

Another 63 percent of Americans say they would actually look forward to a trip more if they were road tripping.

“Millennials came of age in a time when air travel was democratizing. They were known as the globe-trotting generation, but now we’re seeing a shift. Many of them are choosing to stay closer to home, taking family road trips instead and reliving their childhood for their kids, something we call the #RoadTripRewind,” said Sheryl Connelly, chief futurist for Ford Motor Company.

But road tripping is not without its potential drawbacks, and, according to the results, Americans would go on more trips if it weren’t for a few crucial reasons.

Nearly half of the respondents (45 percent) say that road tripping is slightly out of their price range. Additionally, one in three (29 percent) are worried of bad weather conditions and one in five (20 percent) are concerned their kids would get restless during the long ride.

“Today’s vehicles offer many of the creature comforts of home so this means road tripping is no longer an either/or proposition,” adds Connelly. “The pastime of exploring the open road now comes with the option to stay digitally connected. You can optimize your route, entertain your kids and discover stops along the way with little effort, making the trip more enjoyable.”

See the Grand Canyon                                                          36%

Visit Yellowstone National Park                                             35%
See Niagara Falls                                                                  34%
Go to Las Vegas                                                                    31%
See Mt. Rushmore                                                                27%
Go to Redwood National Park                                              27%
Attend Mardi Gras                                                                26%
Drive the Pacific Coast Highway                                          25%
See the fall foliage in New England                                     22%
Drive from Miami to Key West                                             22%
See Cape Cod                                                                     22%
See a Broadway show in New York City                             21%
Walk along Venice Beach and the Santa Monica pier         21%
Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge                                   21%

Eat a cheesesteak in Philadelphia                                       20%


California                   34%
Florida                        26%
Colorado                    25%
Arizona                       22%
Alaska                         19%
Texas                          19%
New York                    19%
Hawaii                         17%
Georgia                       16%
Maine                          16%