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Dining Out – Vegetables Are Now Trending

While Panera isn't ditching meat, it is working to add more vegetables across the menu. Panera on Facebook

Vegetables, a food group your mom always said was good for you. They provide certain vitamins beneficial to your health. Today is ‘World Vegetarian Day.” More people appear to be switching to a vegetarian diet, or at least a healthier diet containing more vegetables, the trend has caused most restaurants to offer a vegetarian menu. This switch to a healthier menu is growing and appearing on menus at the major fast-food restaurants too.

Business Insider posted a story the other day about the switch at fast-food places to a menu offering more vegetables. Here’s an excerpt:

Forget burritos and burgers — today, vegetables are the hottest trend in the fast-food industry.

Vegetables are exploding on the menus of fast-food and fast-casual chains, from greasy omnivore favorites like Taco Bell to new vegan concepts like By Chloe.

“We’re going to see more vegetables,” Panera’s head chef Dan Kish told Business Insider.

“We’re going to see culinary treatments of those vegetables in ways that bring out their flavors without adding a lot of other things to it — so keeping things as natural as possible. Upping the percentage of vegetables in your diet — [it] is part of our job to help you with that.”

By Kate TaylorBusiness Insider, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com Oct. 1, 2016 


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