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DeSantis Executive Order To Eliminate, Replace Common Core In Education (Video)

Gov. Ron DeSantis​ announced an executive order at a press conference at Ida S. Baker High School in Cape Coral​ Thursday to eliminate Common Core in the state.


DeSantis said he heard a lot of frustration while on the campaign trail with ‘Florida Standards’, a version of Common Core in the state.  

WINK News Reporter Anika Henanger has the details:

Wink News has additional video reports on this issue on their website.

The Tampa Bay Times: 

Florida must do away with “the vestiges of Common Core,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said Thursday, referring to the public school curriculum standards the state adopted nearly nine years ago.

“We stuck with Common Core then we re-branded it … it’s all the same. It all needs to be looked at, it all needs to be scrutinized,” the governor said during an announcement at Ida S. Baker High School in Cape Coral, flanked by commissioner of education Richard Corcoran and local school administrators.

DeSantis announced an executive order asking Corcoran to spend a year creating new state curriculum standards, which would then be presented to the Legislature for the 2020 session.

Common Core is a set of standards that sets goals for what K-12 students should learn in language arts and math by the end of each grade level. They were designed to be more rigorous than what many states previously had in place and were adopted by Florida in 2010 as part of a national effort to boost American standards for education after the U.S. was falling behind other countries.

Today, Florida’s standards are similar to Common Core but not identical. State officials, urged on by conservative groups, tweaked and renamed them in 2014. Despite criticism by some that Common Core is a federal mandate, the standards were developed by private nonprofit groups and state education departments and then adopted by 45 states. Local districts then altered their lesson plans to meet those standards.

Tampa Bay Times, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Feb. 1, 2019

Video by WINK News/Anika Henanger