Democrats Told A Big Broward Win Can Propel Hillary Clinton Into White House

Mitch Ceasar asks party members Tuesday to work hard for Hillary Clinton (BrowardBeat)

Gone from the Broward County Democratic Party’s September meeting Tuesday was the casual confidence of a November victory.

Gone was the blasé belittling of Republican nominee Donald J. Trump’s chances.

Gone was the dismissal of Trump’s supporters as a marginal group of bigots and fools.

All it took was a downbeat 10-minute speech by Broward Democratic Leader Mitch Ceasar to bring reality to the activists. He warned that the nation’s voters were boiling with resentment towards the status quo and that could propel Trump to victory.

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“Do not misjudge the level of anger. We do this at our own peril,” Ceasar said, adding that so much was at stake because Trump was unqualified and erratic.

Referring to his long history as a Democratic activist including two decades as chair of the local party, Ceasar said, “In 40 years, I have never ever been scared before. Not because he’s a Republican. Because he’s unreliable.”

“How many of you are scared?” Ceasar asked the crowd of roughly 200 Democrats.

Hands flew up around the Edwin F. Deike Auditorium in Plantation.

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